Thursday, August 4, 2022

August 3, 2022-Just an Out and About on the Recumbents kinda ride!

Another nice-looking morning and with a Lab date at the Medical Center on Thursday, we headed up to ride the Cottonwood Creek Trail, via the Pikes Peak Greenway. We prefer to ride this sweet urban trail on a weekday as it's a bit crazy on weekends. High in the mid 80 F's and sunny till the early afternoon, then a decent possibility of scattered thunderstorms. Sadly our city parks dept. has been really stingy with keeping established restrooms open or supplying at least a porta-potty!! :( With the Criterium Bike Shop being closed on Weds. we had to make the Cottonwood Regional Park quite a few miles away our only restroom and used the "only two" picnic tables in the whole park, right next to the restroom for our brown bag lunch. No shade so we sat facing away from the sun as best as possible. Watched a soccer coach teaching preschooler's how to learn the basics.  The clouds were building over Pikes Peak so we headed back down the CCT over to Criterium to pick up the "detour trail" over to the University Commons Center and Panera Bread for a unsweet iced tea on the patio in the shade!! ;) Then via the PPGW and some back streets over to Safeway food store to get some fresh fruits we were running low on! Thank Goodness for "panniers" to carry items in! Pick up a short portion of the Shooks Run Trail to more backstreets and finally the apartment, made it before it finally started raining! :) 

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