Sunday, August 28, 2022

August 27, 2022-The search for "THINK" Lemon Bars!! ;)

We've been looking for a "Protein Bar" that has ZERO Sugar since Jo is a Type 2 diabetic and we finally found one. The Brand is, THINK BAR and we got the Choc. Brownie Crunch for Jo and I really like the "Lemon" flavor. Problem is the lemon seems to be the most popular flavor and it's not easy to find, even at the one source, local Safeway Stores!! We decided to make our ride a trip to different Safeway Stores around the city of Colorado Springs. We did find 2 at one store but they don't seem to sell the "lemon" in a box of 5 like the rest, RATS. I thought I found 3 more bars as they were in the Lemon Box BUT, when we got home they were creamy peanut butter, arrugh!!! :( My body doesn't like a lot of peanut butter! We decided to make these our "emergency food" and just keep them on the trikes incase Jo has a "bonk" and her blood sugar drops to low or we just ride a bit to far and need "fuel" to get back home!! 

think!® | High Protein Bar, Lemon Delight | FREE 1-3 Day Delivery | ( We rode to the South Nevada, Safeway via the PPGW, 8th. St. and Cheyenne Blvd bike lanes to the "Creekside" pathway, then a bit of sidewalk to get to and across Nevada Ave. at Southgate. Next over to the Safeway in the Red Rocks Center on Colorado Ave. on the Westside. Headed back via 31st. street bike lanes to the Foothills trail, then the Sinton Trail, we stopped a Angletech to borrow their picnic table and eat our homemade trail mix snack and have a shade break!! Then again down Sinton trail to PPGW and finally back to the apartment! 21 miles, sunny, 85 F. There's some steep grades on the Foothills Trail, as high as 9% grade so we were worn out and ready to just kick back for the evening. 

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