Friday, August 26, 2022

August 21, 23, 25-Area rides, Food Runs, Errand Runs, The life of us who can't afford a Motor Vechical !! ;)

 Ah, as they say, Life goes on!! The summer is waning into its last days so we've been riding as much as possible or LOL, our bodies will let us! ;) It's been mostly Area rides, Errand Runs and of course, our weekly FOOD run with the cargo trailer! Nothing special but we have been enjoying the HEAT while it's here! It really bugs me that folks complain about "How HOT it is", well duh, it's SUMMER, it's that time of year it's supposed to be HOT, LOL! ;) I guess we just prefer hot to cold any day, especially as "Car-Less" full time cyclists. 

We are getting ready for something a bit more adventurous, on September 6th. we are riding up the New Santa Fe Trail to Monument, CO. to try "Glamping", luxury camping, wall tent with queen size bed, electricity and even a private Hot Tub!! Normally "we DO NOT CAMP"! At our age and with mean arthritis, needing to pee several times a night, etc. Tent camping has been off our list of activities for "Decades"!!! But we wanted to try something new, so we decided to do an overnight the see what this Glamping craze is all about! It's even a bit more adventure as the Santa Fe Trail is "all dirt/gravel" with only 1 stop at a porta-potty in 20 miles so it will be a much tougher ride than our normal 15–20-mile local rail/urban trail rides!!  

I will shoot video and take photos to show we survived the night, wanted to do it as a weekend but it's NOT cheap, so it's one night stay only! If your ever in the area and want to give it a try, here's who to contact: Monument Glamping   We will spoil ourselves and mostly eat out at the many local eateries within the Town of Monument, CO., according to how early we arrive, (check in 3 PM), we will try to take the trail all the way to Palmer Lake, then turn around and locate the Glamping Ground which is out of the Town. If we take longer to get there than I hope, we will just have miss Palmer Lake. Well here's a few photo's of the last rides, sorry didn't take any on the 25th. ride as it was mostly a errand/lunch ride. Enjoy what's left of the summer HEAT, sadly it will turn COLD very soon! :( BJ

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