Friday, March 30, 2018

A ride to the shop for the 100 mile, "1st. check up on BJ's Trike

Had to take the trike in for it's first check up, usually at about 100 miles and lucky for me it's FREE. Rode from the storage unit in northern Security down to Main St. and Hwy. 85/87, then north to Las Vegas St. to the Pikes Peak Greenway Trailhead to pick up the Midland Trail and then over to Colorado Ave. and 7th. St., The Colorado Springs Bike Shop. When I left it was 30F, chilly but Sunny and for once a more mellow WIND!  Got the check up, then headed home so a Round Trip of 21 miles, took a few photo's of the PPGW. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

JoLynn's first trike ride!

We finally got out on Sunday as it was a bit better than the weather folks said it would be! We did a 9 mile run around Security and Widefield a nice FLAT road ride so JoLynn could get use to her trike and start working on beefing up her, "recumbent legs" as they say! ;)  Rode from the Storage unit in northern Security down Security Blvd then Widefield Blvd to Widfield Park, then back to the Widefield Pikes Peak Greenway Trailhead and took some photos!, headed back the same way, Sunny, 50F with a bit of breeze but a good day for her first ride!  As you can see by the SMILE, she likes her trike! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Trike for JoLynn!!

We paid off the layaway balance on JoLynn's "new to her" Terra Trike Cruiser on Sat., the "x-small boom" came in and we've got a 155mm Chainwheel set on it's way so by Saturday March 10th. she should be riding her "Trike"! :) I'm going to ride up to Angletech and we will ride home together so she can get a good feel for her trike without having to ride a lot of heavy traffic roads. We will ride home mostly on the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail. It's been a long time wanting to have recumbent trikes so we are pretty happy! :)  The weather doesn't look too bad for Sat. a bit cloudy but 50 F+ so it will a enjoyable "1st. ride" for JoLynn! Can't wait!!!