Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day, via bicycle

We always try to attend a Memorial Day event, no matter where we are. Normally we'd take the Harley Sportster but were waiting on a new rear tire so we went to the Memorial Day event in Memorial Park's Veterans Memorial in Colorado Springs, CO. via bicycles! It was a beautiful morning and a great way to pay tribute to those that have "Given ALL" for our freedom to ride weither motorcycle or bicycle! Here are some photo's of the event.

Jo at the Vietnam War Memorial, Jo's Dad, spent "3 tours" in Viet-Nam!

The Veterans Memorial Tower in Memorial Park, Colorado Springs, CO. 

Me at the Air Force Memorial, I was a 4 year Vet of the USAF
  Sorry for the photo quality, had to use my phone with only 640x480 resolution!  It doesn't take a lot but please, during Memorial Day, take some time to reflect on those that gave for YOUR freedom, it's not just about BBQ and BEER folks, JMHO!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

National Bicycle Challenge

I finally got out on a ride to start the "National Bicycle Challenge", it starts the 1st. of May each year and yes, I know I'll not get anywhere near as many miles as most but it's FUN to add the little I can to the National Total miles and I also support my local bicycle club, Colorado Springs Cycling Club as a TEAM member. Rode some of my favorite Rail Trails, even found that they are FINALLY replacing the old, beat up asphalt for smooth concrete on a portion of the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail!

It was a beautiful Sunny and warm day, been a while since we've had those this spring so I really enjoyed being out and about! If you want to join up here's the website: National Bike Challenge
Here's a few photo's of the days ride!