Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Just riding around

Not a lot going on, we've just been riding around our local area when we get the chance. We rode last Sunday and I got in a "Errand Run" of 10+ miles on Monday. Got the new chain wheels put on both trikes, JoLynn's  is a 44/32/22, the old one was a 52/39/30, she was NEVER going to really use the huge 52 tooth c-wheel, she's not a strong rider so it was a waste, with the new c-wheel set up she will be able to have a much easier gear for the HILLS! :)  I put on a 32 tooth single c-wheel and took off the 38 tooth stock c-wheel, again so I can have a bit easier gearing for the HILLS! ;)  We ain't worried about being FAST, just want to save our 60+ KNEES so the low gearing for hills is much more important for us.

Our trikes are for "recreational riding" and with the high seats they are not made to "corner fast" so we don't need more "high gearing" for speed, especially for my Sunseeker Eco-Tad SX, it doesn't like big down hills, I gota keep the speed controlled via the disc brakes or it get's a very "unstable" feeling in the handlebars!!! :O  I'm hoping to get the Patterson 2-speed drive unit fitted next month, that will give me all the "high" gearing I'll really ever need but it's a $375.00 including labor to get it installed. Well the WIND here in So. Colorado has been INSANE lately up to 70+ mph. gust's so we've haven't been able to get out for the longer rides like we'd hope. Hopefully by May, it' will start to mellow a bit and we can get out and about on the Rail Trails in Colorado Springs! :)