Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Do'in the Latte Ride

Not a lot happening, the weathers been weird, even for Colorado Springs lately but have managed some riding. The only "CSCC ride I've been on lately is the Saturday morning "Cafe Latte" ride, it's mellow and a fun pace. Usually stops at a local coffee shop somewhere in the city! LOL, I don't drink coffee but most carry other types of drinks! The group is usually 10 to 20 riders and most of the time I do "Sweep", the last rider helping those that are lagging behind or have a malfunction. I'm enjoying the new "Comfort" bike but it does take more "effort" to keep speed and do uphills, being a "old, fat guy" I usually make up speed on the downhills! ;)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Riding the new "trail extension" of the Cottonwood Trail

Here's some photo's of the new extension of the Cottonwood Trail, coming off the Pikes Peak Greenway and heading north to Vincent St. After going "under" Vincent St. it heads north towards Academy Blvd. but sadly due to "private property right a way issues", it stops just short of connecting to Academy Blvd.
Cottonwood Trail heading north off the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail

NOTE: As of April 4, 2016, there is now a "barricade" across the tunnel entryway and the trail heading north is closed off to traffic!! Problems with the Private Property Owner at the end of the trail forced the City to close this trail off, FYI! :(

Hopefully one day the property owners will give "right a way" permission,  once they see the value a rail trail can bring to an area! :) It was a beautiful sunny April day and my first longer ride on the new "Comfort Bike"! LOL, ya I'm OLD but just got tired of having a "pain in my neck" and couldn't afford a recumbent! So it's slow but FUN! :)

Friday, April 1, 2016

New Bicycle!!

I traded in the my 23 year old Mongoose Ridged MTB for a 2016 Del Sol LXI 6.1 Comfort Bike last Tuesday! I know "comfort bikes" are slow, ect. but I'm TIRED of having to ride with a Pain In My Neck!! Can't afford a Recumbent so the next best "sit up" type bicycle is a Comfort Bike! I'm sure I'll get some grief from some of the members of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club, that I'm a member of but, they will just have to put up with ME! LOL. ;)

I changed out the "seat", the Super Cushy" seat it came with is "too soft" for me, added all the accessories, now just waiting for it to "warm up" a bit! Found a newly built section of the "Cottonwood Trail" has been open so I'll head out on Sat. and check it out! :)

Here it is with all my "stuff" added, including the less "cushy" seat! :)