Sunday, July 24, 2022

July 23, 2022-New Record Temp Ride and a big change for BJ in the future.

Just an update, I decided that I wanted a lighter trike with "indirect steering" instead of my current Terra Trike Rover X8 which is a Heavy Duty trike and has "direct steering". I went to our local recumbent dealer, Angletech: and started looking at the USED trikes they had for sale. I found a older Greenspeed GTO that fit what I wanted and was in a price range, where I could put it on "Layaway" and pay it off in 3 or 4 months! Well after the service dept. did a check up on it, they found the "front end steering system" had major damage and found the parts needed were being just to hard to find so they let me know the GTO was DOA!! :( They didn't have anything else at the time but I just had them keep my deposit on file. Yesterday they called and have a older, used Terra Trike Tour with the 26 in. rear wheel that might be a good match for me. We rode up to Angletech on Saturday and checked it out and I decided to buy it instead!! 

It had what I wanted at an even slightly lower price so it's now officially on the layaway with my name on it. The color is "Sparkle Red", now these older TT trikes "do not" have an adjustable boom, they have booms in 3 different sizes: small/medium/large. The trike came with a medium boom but at max reward seat adjustment it felt a bit "cramped" for me so they thought they might have a "large boom" in the warehouse, they only problem if they did, it was a YELLOW in color. Well, being "colorblind", I really don't care if the trike has mixed colors, I will just get some red and yellow auto paint and "stripe" different color "bands" on the frame and boom. LOL, I will surely KNOW that this TT Tour is mine!!! ;) Here is an example of the TT Tour (note: this one has the smaller 20 in. rear wheel, mine has the larger 26 in. rear wheel), : 

If they don't have the yellow large boom, they can still "order" me a matching red boom, size large from Terra Trike Inc. Lucky for me that the top of the line, TT Tandem Pro still uses the "3 different sized booms" and is a currently manufactured model!!! :) 

Now about the ride, it was HOT right off the bat, even at 10 AM it was 90 F and climbing! It's "very rare" for the temps to reach triple digits, here in Colorado Springs, CO. in the Summer but on Sat. we officially broke a long standing "high temp record" for the day and it was now 100 F by the time we left Angletech!!! :O We headed directly to Panera Bread for a large and COLD unsweet iced tea to drink and eat our home made "trail mix" snack. 

We were going to ride down to the south ending point on the Mesa Springs Trail but the HEAT, felt like a blanket slowly closing around our bodies so we decided to "head home"! Our apt. is little but has good air conditioning! We called it a wrap for the ride!! 100 F, mostly sunny and HOT!! 13 miles total. Still a good ride and we got a lot accomplished, now it's "kick back" time!! :)

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