Sunday, February 26, 2023

February 25, 2023-Out and About on a ride before the next Cold Front arrives at noon on Weds.

There's been LOTS of WIND lately and the last snow is finally mostly melted except for shady spots on the trails and roads! Wasn't sure we should ride but Saturday looked ok so we headed out on ride to Manitou Springs via the PP Greenway and the Midland Trail. The day warmed up nicely so we did a very "kicked back" pace and really enjoyed it! Rode to Schriver Park and ate our brown bag lunch, nice thing about winter riding is almost no bugs! Even the wind was being mellow on the way up but as we headed back it got stronger. Headed over to the Weber St. bike lane and stopped at Good Neighbors for iced tea to go with our homemade energy bars. It was nice enough to sit on the patio so again, the day was great to be out and about on the trikes! After finishing, we headed back to the storage unit and tucked away the trikes. 

 As you know Jo got a 2009 ICE Trice T (Tourer) with E-assist, looks like I will be joining her as Angletech got in a 2008 ICE Trice Q model so we bought it and I will be placing my Terra Trike Tour on consignment sale at the shop come Weds. March 1st. :) It's not "e-assisted" but the price was so good we decided it was worth going into major debt, between the two ICE trikes to get such nice, level up trikes! I will be adding a photo soon. As far as I know there's only minor differences between the Q and the T models but both has lot's of features that come on even a used, older premium level trike! Sorry no photos, we were just enjoying the day way to much to bother, LOL. ;) Wednesday is going to be colder, it's a weather transition day as a Cold Front is coming by late afternoon, BUMMER. I will be picking it up at 10:30, short ride home, add my accessories then walk home before it turns too chilly. Thursday, is COLD with possible rain or I hope NOT, snow! :( LOL, the one problem with getting a new or new to YOU trike in the winter months! BJ

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

February 18-21, 2023, More Errand Runs between cold fronts and snow storms!!

 February 2023 has been a really tough month to get in rides!! It seems like we have had snow, freezing temperatures or crazy high WINDS all month long with only a couple of days clearing weather between them instead of the more usual week between storms and fronts!! We mostly done Food and Errand Runs lately, with a quick lunch added when the trails and streets have been semi-clear! Even now there's still slushy spots here and there. We moved the trikes from our apt. living room to a 5x10 storage unit and had a lot of stuff piled up on the floor so the last couple of rides have been to get food and building supplies to make a "standing shelf unit" for the storage unit. 

On the 21st., we took a ride up to the Lowes at the University Village Colorado Center to get a 2x8x12 cut into 3-4ft. sections and brackets to make the standing shelf. There's really not room for normal shelves and we can't drill into the walls! The tall standing shelf lets me mount my portable drill holder and press and my small vise. It also lets me get cleaning and lubrication supplies for the trikes off the floor. The bummer is that it was a very nice day but with possible SNOW coming in for the 22nd. we had to use it! :( We got the shelf built with time left enough to head out for a short, late afternoon ride to the downtown Mc Donalds for a large unsweet iced tea to go with our "homemade" Energy Bars!! :) Picked up the Cascade St. bike lane over to the Shooks Run Trail heading south over to Mickey D's then came back to the unit via the Weber St. and Cascade St. bike lanes. 9 miles, sunny, warmish and finished off the day with a bit of FUN!! 

The snow coming in on the 22nd. is suppose to be a Trace to 2 in. here in Co. Springs but you NEVER know! If so, we might have streets and trails clear enough to ride by Saturday, which is listed as 60 F and Breezy, just have to cross the fingers and hope for the lite, quick blow through type snow storm!! "Let's Ride"! :)

Monday, February 13, 2023

February 10-13, 2023-A bunch of errand runs, etc. in a row between storm systems!

Friday, Feb. 10, Ride to the Antarctic, oops I ment Angletech! Jo's ICE Trice T, had a problem with the right-side disc brake "swanking" and Jo decided she didn't want the "Throttle" on her E-assist system. We made an appointment for service on Tuesday but a fridge cold front came in, we headed to the storage unit at a Balmy 10 F degrees with a very cold breeze, BURRRRRR! Made our way up to Angletech and then hung around inside the dealership. Walked over to 7-11 for a Big Bite Hot Dog and made copies of Jo's Trice T Service Manual and for her E-assist display unit then walked back to the shop. Finished our apple sitting on the comfortable couch it was just TOO COLD to stay inside. From there headed back down the Sinton and Pikes Peak Greenway back to home and Hot Coco!

Saturday, Feb. 11, Ride to Old Colorado City, westside of town to get our Son Steven's W2 Forms to file his taxes since he passed on back in October. We headed down the Weber St. bike path over to pick up the Midland Trail heading west, over to 26th. street to a FREE parking area of both of the restaurants Steven worked at last. Stopped at Bancroft Park and ate our brown bag lunch. 

Sunday, Feb. 19, Out on a "Solo" Ride. Well Jo wasn't feeling well, Sinus problems so I headed out to the storage area and got my trike for a SOLO ride. I was heading north on the Pikes Peak Greenway and all the sudden, I was surrounded by 100's of RUNNERS! They were on a Half Marathon, 13.1 run so I just kicked back and rode at their pace till the halfway point then headed on, thought about going to Cottonwood Regional Park but decided against it. Instead, turned on the Cottonwood Creek Trail up to the Vincent St. Bridge over to the Access Road Trail. Rode over to the University Village Colorado Center over to Panera Bread for lunch. Got the whole deli turkery sandwich, apple and iced tea! Next time I'm only getting a half of sandwich, just a bit too much! Headed back down the Pikes Peak Greenway over to pick up the Mesa Springs Greenway to it's current ending at American Furniture Warehouse, turned around and headed back to the storage unit, did a few adjustments and then walked home.

Feb 13., Food Run before the coming SNOW storms!! RATS, looks like we have got some semi-serious snow coming in Tue./Wed. this week so we decided to get in our weekly food shopping today instead of our normal Wednesday run. It was sunny and 40 F at the storage unit, then back to the apartment to hook up the cargo trailer to my trike. Headed the 2.5 miles over to the Walmart Neighborhood Market Place, got the weeks food and supplies! Wow came outside and dark gray clouds were covering the sky! We headed back to the apartment, unloaded the food and supplies and put the cargo trailer away. Rode south to the Good Neighbors Meeting Place for iced tea to add to our brown bag lunch. The clouds got darker and the temps dropped! We headed to the storage unit and walked the 1.2 miles home with temps dropping and the breeze getting stronger. Sadly, looks like we won't be riding for several days! :( 

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

February 2023, Time to catch up!

 Hello, it's been a while since I've updated the blog site! Lot's of COLD and snow here and there over the last few weeks. We have had a couple of warmer days so we've been getting a lot of maintenance and accessories added to the trikes. We now have fenders on both trikes, which is great for the sloppy melt from the snow! I got a new very padded seat cover, we added a computer to Jo's trike because if she turns off the e-assist she gets no miles, speed or time on the display! :( We got very lucky and Angletech searched their warehouse backstock and found a ICE Factory rear rack for Jo's Trice T!! They haven't made these for years so the change of finding one is rare! She now, can have her panniners and rack top bags. 

We managed to ride 3 days in a row between storms, had a very COLD morning ride up to the shop to get the fenders, etc. on. Jo's decided she doesn't want the "throttle" set up for the e-assist, just the PAS system where you HAVE to pedal to make the assist work. We've got an appointment on Friday to have it removed and we are having the right disc brake caliper and pads checked out as it "squawks" at times. It's a 2009 so it may need the caliper cleaned out or over hauled or the pads need to be replaced. After the 24th. we will be having them change out the Big Apple tire for a Marathon Plus for much better flat protection!! Getting the rear hub motor wheel off to change a flat is a Royal Pain in the A$$!! Today is our SS retirement payday so we have to go FOOD shopping and hopefully have enough time to go to lunch before the sun goes down!! We now keep the trikes is a Storage Unit, which is a mile from our apartment. Jo's front wheels are Quick Release and the levers make it just "too wide" to get through our apartment doors. On my Terra Trike Tour, the new front fenders have flanges that stick out so I doubt it will go through our apartment doors either! Oh well, it is nice to have more room in our front room so there's the good side! :)

Here are a video and some photos, enjoy!