Friday, January 22, 2021

January 22, 2021- In search of a good ride and a hot dog!! ;)

After seeing the weather report on Thursday night, stating that Saturday was going to be warmish but very WINDY, we decided to ride on Friday instead! It was cooler than Thursday only 40 F, chilly breeze but very sunny. We took off up the Pikes Peak Greenway to head West on the Sinton Trail over to head south on the Foothills Trail past the entry way to the Garden of the Gods. Took a couple of photos at the crest of the two uphill grades that looks into the valley!

We rode Foothills till it ends at 31st. St. and then proceeded on the Bike Lane over to Pikes Peak Ave. heading west to 36th. and over to Colorado Ave. bike lane to a little Hot Dog stand, got a good dog and sat at the patio area, YUM. Heading East on the Midland Trail up to 7th. St. with a stop at The Colorado Springs Bike Shop to see if Jo's new MTB triple crankset had finally arrived off "back order" (50+ days!!!) and YES, it's here so we made a apt. to have it put on by our favorite bike tech, Rocky, on Sunday! :) Then over to the Palmer Mesa Greenway and finally a short ride on the Pikes Peak Greenway back to our apartment building!! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

January 20, 2021-To nice a day to let it get away so I RODE! :)

 My wife Jo had a doctors appt. early afternoon but the day dawned sunny and suppose to be in the 50 F although a bit windy later on. She told me to go out for a ride so of course that's what I did!

😉 18 miles RT heading up to the Cottonwood Creek Regional Park via the Pikes Peak Greenway and the Cottonwood Creek Trail here in Colorado Springs. It's a slight but constant uphill grade all the way to the park but a real rare occurrence, a light tailwind, YEA!! By the time I got to park to take a break and eat a apple the WIND had gotten a lot stronger but it's almost a total downhill grade heading back towards the PP Greenway! 🙂 Lot's of bike out on the trails, that and the dog walkers too! It's great to get in any ride in January!!