Monday, November 12, 2018

2nd time riding the "River Trail" at Lake Pueblo State Park, Pueblo, CO.

We set up a Nov 10. ride on the "River Trail" at Lake Pueblo State Park, Pueblo, CO. This is a older, part urban and part "State Park" trail, it's about 21 miles long but we only rode 13 miles due to being late in the year, sunshine wise! We started at the Wildlife Discovery Center/Coyote Grill/Café, which is on the trail itself. This was a "Slow & Easy Trike Riders of the Pikes Peak Region", group ride but only myself and my wife JoLynn showed up to RIDE! This is a mostly concrete trail and most of it is in good shape so it's quite enjoyable and from East/West directions it follows the Arkansas River. It's a older 8ft. wide trail but it's got good views and only a few hills/inclines over the whole trail! The day was a perfect late fall day, Sunny, 60F, just a breeze. We rode out to the "Confluence Trail Head' and back to the Coyote Grill for a great lunch! LOL, BTW, this was Saturday, on Sunday it SNOWED 6+ inches in Pueblo and Colorado Springs so our timing was PERFECT! ;)
At the Wildlife Discovery Center/Coyote Grill to start the ride

Heading East on the trail, can you spot the guy who's Fly Fishing in the River?

The Man made "Kayak Area" on the Arkansas River, just south of down town Pueblo, CO. 

Looking down the "chute" and JoLynn being my "trike model"

Runyon Lake, a fishing spot

Heading back, with the Arkansas River, "glistening" in the November Sunshine

Getting LUNCH at the Coyote Grill after a FUN ride :)

Monday, November 5, 2018

Catching up!

Been a bit since I've updated the blog, since the last post my wife and I have started a local recumbent trike group, called the "Slow & Easy Trike Riders of the Pikes Peak Region", we've put on 3 or 4 rides and gained 7 members since October! Doing mostly area rides around Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas, we are a "very mellow paced" riding group, if you want to go FAST, this ain't your group!! Myself and one other member rode in the Veterans Day Parade on Nov. 3rd.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Parade Ride

The wife and I, rode the trikes to find a good sport to sit and check out the local, Community Parade, here in Security/Widefield, CO. where we live. We rode down to the starting point before the parade got going then found a good spot just past the first turn. Lot's of kids and few floats on a beautiful and sunny morning, 80F with little breeze. At the end of the parade we decided to just follow it back up the road but a El Paso County Mountie told us to go a head and get behind the last float so we got to be a part of the parade, LOL!! :)  We threw candy to the kids lining the streets, it was FUN! Sept. 22nd., 2018.

The first ride of the "Slow & Easy Trike Riders of the Pikes Peak Region

I started a local group for recumbent trike riders called the "Slow & Easy Trike Riders of the Pikes Peak Region on Sept. 15, 2018 we had our first "Group Ride" enjoying a beautiful ride along the Templeton Gap Rail Trail in Colorado Springs, CO. We had a total of 4 trikes and had a great time. we stopped at Criterium Bicycles on the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail for a munchie and pit stop, then headed back to Nancy Lewis Park our starting point for the ride! :)

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Riding the Mineral Belt Trail, Leadville, CO.

The Mineral Belt Trail surrounds the town of Leadville, CO. at an altitude of 10,000 ft. It's 12 miles round trip. We chose to ride the trail, "clockwise", to get most of the "incline" done first. The town and trail is surrounded by the Collegiate Peak Mountain Range, with many peaks over 14,000ft. The trail is nicely paved, thru forest of pine and aspen, many starting to turn color for fall! It twists and turns up the grade, then goes into a fast, long downhill section which turns into a series of sharp S-shaped turns heading back into the town of Leadville!! There are lots of info-boards about the long Gold and Silver mining history of the area, with many "on trail" displays. The trail is 10,606 ft. at it's summit, it was sunny, 63F, with a nice breeze just a GREAT day to be out riding!