Saturday, November 27, 2021

November 26, 2021- A Stunningly Beautiful Day for a RIDE!!

 Usually by now, we've had a lot of dreary, cold, gray weather and even a snow fall or two but so far Nov. has had very nice fall days unless a cold front comes through, then it's been chilly, gray and windy but the great weather returns! On Friday the 26th. it was one of the nicest late fall days I've seen in decades! 65F, sunny and hardly breeze! Easter Egg Blue Skies without a single cloud making the foothills and local mountains, stand out like 3-D! So fortunate to be retired, [not much longer, sadly we are going to be FORCE to get part time jobs as we just don't make enough SS retirement income to make it to the next payday!!! :( ] 

Oh well at least we've been lucky with the weather lately! :) We had very little bike and running traffic on the Greenway and the Cottonwood Creek Trail 18-19 miles round trip and one very enjoyable ride! If it wouldn't have been for the sun going down so much quicker and our Senior Bladders letting us know it's "that time" we'd have just kept ridding for a while more but alas, once it's starts heading to evening you KNOW it's winter as the temps drop quickly as the sun goes down behind Pikes Peak! :)

Sunday, November 21, 2021

More November Rides- Nov. 19-20-21 local rides and lot's of "transportation/food runs"

 Well it's heading to winter, had some rain and crud and yet some really nice days to, it's the "bi-polar" weather season here in So. Colorado! So it's the time of year for "short" rides as it takes a while to warm up to our minimum ride temp, 35 F and SUNNY, if it's 35 F and cloudy we don't ride, we stay inside and ride our recumbent exercise bike! Which will make it hard to do the weekly FOOD runs we do with bike/trike and utility trailer! :( As stated we've had some nice days so we get in rides when we can! :) Later start and having to get back before DARK to beat the cold. So it's local area rail trails, bike lanes, LOL, not just too different from normal, ;) Here's a photo of our ride on the 20th.

Ah one of the late fall days that was really nice to ride! Pikes Peak and local mountains in the background! :)


Sunday, November 14, 2021

November Rides continued. Nov 7th. thru the 13th. 2021

 We've been getting in a lot of "utility rides" and short rides using the different area urban trails and bike lanes throughout Colorado Springs, CO. lately. The last ride was yesterday Nov. 13th. We had some last minute errands to the post office and paying the cellphone bill so we just headed out the Weber St. Bike Lane to down town over to pick up Shooks Run trail headed north from Pikes Peak Ave. back up to head east on the Rock Island Trail to the Templeton Gap Bike Lane over to Nancy Lewis Park for our brown bag lunch. It was kinda gray, quite cloudy and very breezy!! We then headed down the sidewalk along Fillmore to the Post Office and over to the T-Mobile store. Got across the street and headed east along Fillmore to a back road over to pick up the T-Gap Trail heading back west. Stopped at Porta Park for a break and then headed over to pick up the Pikes Peak Greenway north, then the Sinton Trail heading west again. Our destination was heading to our local recumbent bike shop, Angletech for their yearly "Open House" event, hot coco and cookies served and the hot coco was appreciated! It did finally get sunny and started to warm a bit by about 1 pm. we got to the shop at 2:15 pm and stayed for the festivities till 4:15 pm, then headed home via Sinton and the PPGW to make it home just as it was getting DARK!! 19 miles RT, the late afternoon was quite nice, made for FUN day, just kick'in around on the Recumbents! :) PS: The 1st. 3 photo's are from our Nov. 7th. ride up the Cottonwood Creek Trail, the last 2 photo's are from our Nov 13th. ride to end up at Angletech's Open House Event! 

One of the many little bridges that cross Cottonwood Creek 

Pikes Peak in the background on the T-Gap Trail

The foothills looking to the north