Monday, July 24, 2023

July 5-24, 2023-A bit of an update and Very HOT ride on July 24th. Even if we started very early for us!

 Hello all, well I've been bad about keeping up with the blog, sorry! I've been doing a lot of YouTube videos as I've gotten a couple of older GoPro Camera's that I'm now using instead of my old CamPark 4K Ultra camera! The first on I bought a used GoPro 3 White version and then a friend gave me an orgianal GoPro, which I called the GoPro ZERO, LOL. The GP 3 is in very good shape and is easy to use, well except of the wi-fi remote, which I'm still figuring out how to use it!

The GP Zero, came with a "attachment", rear viewing screen and an "attachment" extra battery. Sadly, the GP ZERO, has quit working, it's stuck on photo mode and won't stop taking photo's till the battery or the 16G card is full so I'm trashing it. :( Got lucky the "attachment" rear view screen and battery pack works on the GP3!!!! :) Bad news, is that the GP 0 had a extra deep rear door on it's waterproof clear plastic case to fit both the camera and either of the attachments, it won't fit on the new GP3 waterproof clear plastic case so for now I can't use either, RATS! :( 

Our YouTube Channel is the same name as our Blog: Out and About on the Recumbents, so pls. check it out to see the rides we've done in last couple of weeks, thanks!

Now for the ride we did today, We got up a 6am and were out the apartment door by 7am, walked to the storage unit and got the trikes and headed out on the bike lane on Cascade St. by 7:35am. It was actually a bit chilly, which felt great! We've had 90 F+ temps for the last few days! We headed over to pick up the Pikes Peak Greenway off of Polk St. and then north up to the trail junction with, the Cottonwood Creek Trail. We rode the CCT to Academy Blvd. and then took the sidewalk up over to Starbuck's. Since it was to early for our usual "brown bag lunch", we just at a protein bar (homemade), and drank a very large and cold unsweet green iced tea! :) We back tracked on the CCT to the PPGreenway, heading south over to the Fontanero St. Trail Head/parking area to see if they got the detour set up for the PP Greenway on the WEST side of monument valley park yet, yep, it's blocked off. The are taking out a dozen telephone poles and digging underground utilities and then will widen the current dirt/gravel trail and we HOPE lay concrete, that will hook up to Monument Valley Park/Lake Stanley, then we hope they will lay more concrete to the bridge so the whole west side trail through Monument Valley would be concrete!!!! :) 

Here is some photos crossing several of the bridges along PP Greenway north and the Cottonwood Creek Trail: 

Thursday, July 6, 2023

July 4, 2023-Historic Old Northend Independence Day Parade Ride!

 Happy Independence Day!! We rode in the local area 4th. of July Parade here in the "Historic Old Northend" of Colorado Springs! It's mostly kids and families with decorated bicycles, scooters, in strollers and wagons, etc. We decorated our trikes a bit and joined in, it starts at a local soccer field in Monument Valley Park. The host's set up tables with snacks, fruit, etc. for the after the parade party. It's a 3/4 mile odd shaped loop route thru the neighborhood. So here are some photos and video, (Sorry for the "sideways" view on the video, my GoPro died on my, had to use my old 4G Cellphone as a back up and didn't realize it wouldn't self-correct when making the video, rats!) Hope you and your's had a awesome Independence Day, REMEMBER: It's the 4th. of July around the world, it's ONLY "Independence Day" in the USA!!

Here is the video:

Sunday, July 2, 2023

July 1, 2023-Multiple Errand/New bike computer-GPS unit TEST Run

 We needed to get several errands done so rather than "BUS it", LOL, we used the trikes instead. It was also used as a "test ride" for a new bike computer/GPS unit a friend gave to me as he didn't really like it. it's a XOSS-NAV model and I will say it's a bit complicated but I'm slowly learning how to work it. I even got the unit to hook up with my STRAVA account so that's a plus! I still haven't figured out how to adjust for "wheel size" or how to set the CLOCK, it's an hour behind the current time?? Will have to go to XOSS-NAV computer/GPS

We also headed over to Angletech to have a couple minor adjustments made to my wife Jo's ICE TRICE T trike and buy a her a new set of SPD cleats so we did quite a bit of wandering around the town, according to the new computer/GPS unit, 24 miles total!! We also stopped at Starbuck's on Centennial Blvd. for unsweet iced tea to go with our PBJ brown bag lunch (Sugar Free) and a bit of shade out of the very warm July Sun! LOL, not bad mileage for an errand run! ;) Here is a photo of Jo heading down under an overpass bridge tunnel on the Sinton Trail, it was more scenic that most of the rest of our run. 

We will be shooting a video of the "Historic Old North End 4th. of July Parade" on Tuesday so from Jo and I, have a excellent, enjoyable and SAFE Independence Day Celebration! BYE! :)

June 2023- Last couple of weeks of rides in June

 LOL, as usual I'm behind the updates in the blog so here's a quick recap:

These Videos cover June 20-29, 2023, mainly just different area trail/bike lane rides, food runs and one special event: Bike To Work Day on June 28th. In Colorado we don't have a Bike Month till JUNE! Yes, the rest use the month of MAY but the weather can suck here in May!! We stopped at 4 of the 20+ breakfast stations throughout the city! It was a really FUN ride and we had lot's of company on a warm and sunny day! Here is a few photos from the rides some that don't have video's ENJOY!