Monday, March 23, 2015

A nice Sunday ride and some info on the Shooks Run Rail Trail

Well the weather finally cooperated and we got a nice "whole" weekend! When we only get "one" good weekend day,  we have to use it for our, "motorcycle" so we can take it down the highway and recharge the battery. Sadly our "storeage area" doesn't have a "electrical plug" we could use to just attach a "trickle charger"! :(

So Sunday we went out for a bicycle ride, finally and had a real great ride, we picked a older and shorter local Rail-Trail here in Co. Springs, called the Shooks Run Rail Trail. It's got some rougher places but it's a good ride and has "2 parks" for picnics and a full service coffee shop, (Dog Tooth Coffee Shop), right on the trail. I'ts broken up by several intersections with city streets but all in all it makes for a easy Sunday bicycle ride!

Here's our bikes and my wife Jo at the Start of the Shooks Run Trailhead, which runs south along Weber St. for quite a while. There is also a great little "50's style cafe" 1/2 mile down the trail, called Tasty Freeze Drive Inn. The trail wonders south, a mix of concrete, asphalt in various state of need of maint. but any MTB or fat tire comfort bike won't have any problems:

Trail head for the Shooks Run Rail Trail and Junction to the Rock Island Trail North.

Current end of trail just past the tunnels, one day it will hook up with Las Vegas Street and the Tejon St. Bike Lane.