Tuesday, August 9, 2022

August 6 and 8, 2022-Getting in the "Miles of Smiles" while the getting is GOOD!!

On August 6th. we headed up to Angletech to pay off my layaway for my used, Terra Trike Tour and have them do some mods, hopefully get to pick it up SOON! They have been restructuring both 30th. Street and the entryway into the Garden of the Gods Park for several months now. For the cars a new "Traffic Circle" (Roundabout) and for the Peds and Bikes a new "trail underpass" going under Gateway Road. The Foothills Trail runs just outside of the GoG and it was a "nightmare" to have to cross Gateway Road in the Tourist Season for walkers and cyclists!! The new "underpass" makes it so Peds/Bike go under the road on the Trail heading over to the 31st. St. bike lane to get to the "Westside" of Colorado Springs!! 

It was posted that the underpass/trail was now complete and would be open to the public as of August 5th. We got on the Foothills Trail via the Sinton Trail got to the underpass and found the still had the little plastic fencing up to block the trail. We we could see that it had been walked over so we rode the trikes over and rode the revamped trail and new underpass anyway! ;) Here's a couple videos of our YouTube channel "Out and About on the Recumbents" of the ride: 


On August 8th. the weather has been a bit rainy in the late afternoon but the days have been sunny and hot. We made a Loop Trail of the Rock Island, T-Gap Rd. bike lane, T-Gap Trail, Pikes Peak Greenway and the Mesa Springs Greenway. Sunny, 85 F+ with a nice breeze!! Stopped at Panera Bread to eat our brown bag special lunch and get some unsweetened iced tea. Headed back down the PPGW over to Fontenareo St. then picked up the Mesa Springs Greenway heading south. We rode it till it's current southern end point, then turned around and rode back to it's current northern end point at American Furniture Warehouse. turned back and headed back home via the PPGW. 17 miles, it made a fun loop and a great days ride! 

Sorry for the odd sized photos but LOL, I had to "crop" my thumb out of the photo's! ;) The camera lens in the new cell phone is in a bad place, too close to where you need to hold it to keep it steady! :( BJ

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