Monday, August 15, 2022

August 14, 2022-Several area rides, hot weather continues but the RAIN is coming!!

 We have getting in short area rides since the last post, the days here in August have been HOT and sunny. On Sunday we headed out to the Southern Panera Bread to get some unsweetened iced tea to go with our brown bag lunch. We chose the direct route, heading over to the Weber St. bike lane. Heading south through downtown Colorado Springs, then over to the Tejon St. bike lane heading west to the Ivywild area, thru a new traffic circle to pick up the new and not complete Creekside Trail thru the Creekside Center over to Nevada Ave to arrive at Panera Bread, South. After lunch, we headed back by back streets to Cheyenne Blvd. bike lane over to the 8th. street bike lane to the Walmart turn in and pick up the Pikes Peak Greenway to the Midland Trail, Cucharas Trail, a very short little trail to get up to Colorado Ave then north on the Walnut St. bike lane heading north to pick up the Mesa Springs Greenway that currently ends at American Furniture Warehouse. We stopped on the MS Greenway under the Ped/Bike overpass for shade and to eat our homemade trail mix snack. LOL, yes, we carry a ultra-lite picnic blanket with us, hey it works great when there's no tables!! Then it's time to head home, back to the Pikes Peak Greenway, over the Popcycle Bridge, where the "Kids On Bikes" folks are stopped and bringing out the popsicles for the kids on their weekly summer season rides on Sunday! :) Back to the apartment, as the dark clouds gather and the thunder starts up. We are snug and dry as the soft rain starts to fall! 13 miles, HOT, sunny, little breeze. Monday and Tuesday are suppose to be heavy RAIN days so we are glad we got in a RIDE before the storms! :)


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