Monday, February 9, 2015

A sunny but breezy ride in Feb., together! :)

On Sunday Jo and I actually got to ride together for a change, Jo hasn't been able to ride much, she used to commute to work but now that we live only "1 mile" from her work we just, "walk" there.  So her poor bike has been collecting DUST, I wiped it down and lubed the chain and we headed out to ride on of our favorite rail-trails from America the Beautiful Park, downtown to Manitou Springs. It's 25 mile round trip and Jo solder on as best as she could, she could really FEEL the lack of riding but it was Sunny, 65 F with a 15 mph. headwind, (both ways, the wind always changes direction in the afternoon due to down slope from Pikes Peak!).

We took it easy and just cruised, lot's of riders on the trail today as Jan. was almost a total loss, riding wise. We rode back street bike lanes and side streets to get to America The Beautiful Park and picked up the "Midland Trail" to the Creek Side Trail into Manitou Springs. The have a Subway's just outside the park so we ate a good lunch while sitting outside! :) Had a real good day but Jo was a bit beat by the time we got back home and then had to go food shopping! It was really great to "Share the Road", I wished it could happen more often! :)

A rest stop on the Midland Trail.

Jo and the bikes at Soda Springs Park, in Manitou Springs, CO.