Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A bit better in October

So far Oct. has been a bit better for getting in a ride on the bicycle. Managed to get in 1 ride a week so far and that's a larger improvement over September! I'll add a photo from the Creek Walk Trail, which is part of the Midland Trail, the CWT is the Manitou Springs part of the overall trail. The last ride was just a bit of "Utility Riding", rode from home to downtown Colorado Springs to pay the Electric Bill, I really enjoy riding non-motorized transportation to pay a utility bill, LOL! ;) I'll add some photo's from the Sand Creek Trail, part of we headed down south to Security, CO. to get flowers, candy and card for my Mom's birthday, (Oct. 8th.) and then delivered all via bicycle, it was a good ride as my wife JoLynn was able to ride with me due to having a couple of days of use it or lose it vacation! :) Were suppose to get a heavy rain tomorrow, (Wed.) so it may be next week before I get out on the bicycle again!

This is the pond at the swimming pool park in Manitou Springs, CO. on the Creek Walk Trail

Ok, I confess, we were hungry and decided to be evil and get a "BIG BITE" hot dog and a Root Beer! ;)

My wife, JoLynn heading up the Sand Creek Trail in Colorado Springs, CO. 

Sand Creek is really a huge drainage ditch and the Sand Creek Trail follows it!