Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gett'in the Goo!

Well it finally got decent enough for a short ride on Monday, I needed to pay the electric bill downtown so I decided I'd ride the bicycle.  Well I forgot it's Martin Luther King Day so the Utilities were closed. I needed to get some "sealant" put in my rear tire as I had to replace the old tube due to a "tiny cut" in the vavle core. I headed down to Ted's Bicycles here in Colorado Springs as he's the only dealership that sells, "True Goo", it's the only sealer I've found that won't foul the "valve core" after a few times of checking the air pressure.

So I headed north on a combo of  rail-trails, city streets and bike lanes, I sure wish they'd clean the crud out of the bike lanes in the winter months but it's not going to happen. There was still some ICY spots on the "concrete" rail trails so it was time to dismount the bike and walk it over as I'm 60 years old and hitting the ground hurt's!!!  The folks at Ted's are great about letting you just show up and they do the "Goo Squirt" into each tube, it's about $9.00 for the bottle and it does both tubes. Picked up a new "spare" tube and headed home. it was a fairly nice day, mostly sunny and high 40 F degress so it felt really good to be able to get out on the Mongoose! :)  Today is back to Freezing Drizzle and cold so the Goose is inside the apartment nice and snug!  Hope your getting to ride, ENJOY! :)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Too !@#$% COLD!!

Wow, we've had nothing but cold, icy blasts since the 1st. of the year and usually we get a storm then it melts with a day or two of decent weather for at least a short ride but it's been the pits so far in 2015!! We sure hope for some decent weather soon as I'm getting FAT, just sitting around, I mean it's too cold to walk even, arrugh!!! :(  Hope your all getting to ride, have a most excellent day! :)