Saturday, August 20, 2022

August 19, 2022-Errand Ride to set up Jo with Silver Key Food Pantry, what a hassle!!

 Being seniors and living on a meger Social Security Retirement income, when we get the long stretches between pay days (5-6 weeks), we run out of money for food! :( Silver Key senior services has a "once a month" Senior Supplemental Food Program", I am signed up to pick up the little foods that they have since Jo is a Type 2 diabetic so sadly we can't eat a lot of the basic supplies they carry in their Food Pantry. Jo wasn't officially able to go and pick up our monthly allotment. We headed to the lower South East side of Co. Springs to get her signed up for that and possible Silver Key Transportation Services since we "DO NOT" own a car! 

The problem is there are NO trail systems that can get us all the way to Silver Key from our apartment. So, we have to use busy streets, trails, bike lanes on busy roads, etc. to work our way over there. Sadly, some of the roads are Heavy Traffic so we had to use sidewalks, which SUCK as the street designers here LOVE to install single 90 degree or multi-90-degree corners some with really tall curbs!! That makes it really tough for ME, (BJ) as my TT Tour with "indirect" steering doesn't do sharp turns well at all!!!! Sigh, so we made our way, stopped at a Mc Donalds for an old style "Double Hamburger", (LOL, yes you have to ask, they still make the original double hamburger or double cheeseburger!) and a unsweet iced tea for a cheap lunch. Worked out way down to Silver Key Offices finally and got Jo signed up! :)

All the while the black rain clouds were forming over the foothills, we headed back and the Thunder started up, so we put on our "rain jackets", good thing as it started to sprinkle! Wasn't too bad for a bit but as we turned on Emory St., it Dumped Hard on us and poured heavy for 20 minutes!! :( Finally, it started to kinda dry out as we headed up the Canal Trail to the Rock Island Trail. Of course, the trikes are a mess and will have to have chain, cables, derailleurs re-lubed and the frames wiped down. :( LOL, of course, I just washed and waxed my trike the day before!! ;) There are 3 Tough and long uphill grades coming home so we were totally worn out fighting both hills and weather as we got back to the apt. At least the rain stopped as we headed home! Quickly wiped off the tires and frame and got the trikes upstairs into the apt. 15 minutes later, it was pouring buckets of rain outside, happy to be in the apartment! 19 miles, sunny start, Heavy Rain end on this ride!  

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