Wednesday, June 21, 2023

June 18-21, 2023-The HEAT is on, finally got to ride several days in a Row!!

Father's Day (18) was a bit of a whirlwind, we got up early and walked to the Omlette Parlor Restaurant to get 1/2 priced Omlette's for breakfast! Headed out for a hot and sunny ride on the Foothills Trail and pieces of other trails for a really FUN day in the Sun!

June 19, we rode a multi-trail, bike lanes and side streets ride just to enjoy the hot temps and sunshine. Ended up on the Mesa Springs Greenway before heading for the storage unit, here's a short-video: 

and a couple of photos:

June 20, Headed up the Sinton Trail over to the Garden of the Gods Road to a new Whataburger for lunch as we had a "buy one, get one FREE" coupon! Good Burger and unsweet Iced Tea! Headed west of Garden of the Gods Road up to reconnect with the Sinton Trail but heading east, ie: downhill!! Rode thru the Tiny Tunnel, etc. again, HOT and SUNNY day, just awesome! Here is a video

June 21, Well after it being so cold, rainy and grey for almost a month in mid May to mid June, we were feeling a bit worn out by the heat level and decided to just do our Weekly Food Run and call it a day. Was a bit tough as they are doing construction on the curbs/ramps off of the Rock Island Trail so we were forced onto the "sidewalk" along Union Blvd. to get to the Walmart Neighborhood Market Place store and we had to climb a VERY steep hill, with a fully loaded cargo trailer!! I may have to have a 22/32/44 mountain bike triple crankset on the SUN EZ-1 SC Lite recumbent bike (2 wheels) to be able to not have to work so hard to tug that trailer up the steep hill till they finish construction work!! 

Saturday, June 17, 2023

June 7, 2023, Last ride due to constant RAIN showers and thunder storms, it's been a VERY WET June! :(

 We've got very little riding in so far in June as it's been constant rain and thunder showers. I may finally get to being summer like by Sunday June 18 for a few days, YEA!! We've done some short walks and lot's of time on the recumbent exercise bike at home! I really dislike the El Nina weather pattern and it's constant wet and we still have our normal Monsoon Season to get through!! Our last little ride was June 7th., here are some photos:

Hope to get in a ride on Father's Day, Sunday but we want to go to the Black Bear Diner for breakfast and there is NO WHERE safe to lock up the trikes so we can keep an eye on them so we will do the 7 mile walk there and back and see if we are still up for a short ride on our return. That distance usually wears us out being 68 year old Seniors!! Hopefully I will have more to add to the blog soon! :) Have an excellent Father's Day! 

Saturday, June 3, 2023

May/June 2023, More catch up rides!

 Had a bit of a mix of weather as May continued. We had rides May 28 and 29.

May 28 ride, was a more in-depth test off the "new to me" GoPro 3 White video camera and some sunny early but late sprinkles in the afternoon! Here's a video of the ride! We rode 27 miles to Security, CO. to see my Mom, rode the Pikes Peak Greenway south, Las Vegas St. and Hwy. 85/87. 

May 29 ride, It's Memorial Day so we did our Honor Ride! We rode to a Memorial Service at the Veteran's Pavillon at Memorial Park here in Co. Springs (11 am), then to Evergreen Cemetary to visit my Grandpa Plumlee, who's site is in the American Legon area, then to the El Paso County Veteran's Memorial in Bear Creek Park, to visit Jo's Dad's plaque stone. "All gave Some, Some gave ALL! Remember the fallen, that gave us our Freedom's! Then enjoy your BBQ, outing etc. 

June 1 ride, We were invited to join a ride with Dan and his "Spokes Fighting Strokes" group on a ride out of Angletech at 10 AM. Dan, is a stroke survivor he started a service to help other stroke survivors get more out of life. He tours the USA in a RV with a large trailer full of recumbent trikes and gives out rides and advise to hospitals, rehabilitation centers, etc. When he's in Co. Springs, he set's up a base camp at a space provided by Kelvin and the crew at Angletech ( Sadly it rain on us the whole ride so we left before the lunch stop as Jo got COLD, (we have cold rains even in the summer months in Colorado!!). Still we enjoyed the ride with about 10 machines and riders! Will add video later. 

 June 2 ride, A much less WET ride lot's of sun with clouds here and there so we did a loop ride of a couple of trails and bike lanes in the area, stopped at America the Beautiful Park in downtown Co. Springs and took some photos. Nice to end the ride NOT wet and dirty as I can't afford fenders for the trike yet, rats!