Friday, June 24, 2016

Bike to work day in Colorado Springs, CO.

I decided to "ride away from work", LOL as I'm a househusband and join in the fun for Bike To Work Day, here in Colorado Springs. This year I hooked up with the "Mayor's Ride" from Goose Goshage Baseball Park to America the Beautiful Park in downtown. The ride started at 6 AM. so it was still DARK when I left the apt. at 5 AM. On the rail trail, I had to avoid some deer munching on the trees! I arrived and staged with the other riders from the Colorado Springs Cycling Club and after a brief visit from the Mayor, we headed out on some newly concreted portions of the Pike Peak Greenway Trail, heading south to the park!

It was a beautiful morning with sunshine and mellow temps., around 200 bicycle's were in the group and 6 or so "armed" Police officers on bicycles surrounding the Mayor so we were well protected! ;) About a 30 min. ride to the Bike To Work Day festivities, some really good bagels and a banana or two and we all had breakfast. Listen to the dignitaries on the stage and then headed home via a different route. back to the apt. by 8:30 to do my household chores! Enjoyed the ride!

The Julie Penrose Fountain in the park. It turns 360 degrees in the wind and has water in the center!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Riding with the Mrs. :)

We've managed to get in 2 rides in June together so far and for us that's doing really good! Just one of our favorite rail trails, riding the Templeton Gap Trail together is always FUN! It was a beautiful sunny day so we really enjoyed ourselves!