Thursday, June 24, 2021

June 20 & 23, 2021

June 20: 20.30 miles RT and nice ride on a very HOT day, lot's of days at 90F + during June, much hotter than normal for So. CO. A fathers day ride we dubbed the "Search for FREE chicken", LOL! ;) Had a by one get one free Carl's Jr. sandwich so we tried out there new chicken and it was really GOOD!

June 23: Due to JoLynn being both a Type II diabetic and having prior heart disease, she has to take medications for both and sometimes, they don't work well with each other, especially as the temps start climbing up and it get's hot outdoors!! This can cause her blood pressure and blood sugar levels to drop "too low" and she can get DIZZY! She got her bicycle in March and it seemed like things were working well but as of June and 90 F temps, she's had three, "all most dropping the bike" situations! She decided to go back to riding a "3 wheel recumbent TRIKE and sell the bicycle. So this was the first RIDE on her new to her Terratrike Rover X8 Trike. We kept the pace mellow so she get use to the trike as it rides different and uses different muscle groups than a normal bicycle!! She's enjoying the trike and the SMILE is back on her face! Come along for the RIDE! :) Here is a video of Jo's first ride on her new to her TRIKE!! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2021

6-5-21-The Beards', Bonnet's and Bikes Event Ride

 We live and ride mostly around the city and out lying area's of Colorado Springs, CO. 2021 is the 150th. Birthday of Colorado Springs and there are several area "events" coming up to celebrate! We joined one today, called the: Beard's, Bonnet's & Bikes Ride, with the Mayor and his wife doing the ride lead, while the ride itself is sponsored by "KIDS on Bikes" a local advocacy group for getting KIDS on bikes here! Jo whipped up a "home made" Bonnet to go over her helmet and got a "interview" and quick blurb on the Channel 13 local news show today!! The ride was around the Legacy Loop a not yet finished "trail around the city", envisioned Gen. William J. Palmer, the founder of the city of Colorado Springs. A stop at the Popcycle Bridge for what else Popsicles (sadly Jo and I couldn't eat any as she's a type II diabetic), but the kids on the ride love them, along with a lot of the adults as the temps got close to 90 F for the ride!! Only did 10 miles for the day but it was FUN to be involved in a local area celebration event!!

🙂 Here's a Video of the Ride:

Thursday, June 3, 2021

6-2-2021- Ride to Pikes Peak International Raceway, via Old Pueblo Road, putting in a "50" mile day!!

 More Training Rides for my Tour de Cure-Rocky Mountains in August! Decided it was time to put on some "heavy" miles in a single day so we headed out to Pikes Peak International Raceway via Old Pueblo Road from our apt. on the end of the Historic Old North End of Colorado Springs. According to Google Maps it would be a 26 mile ride "one way" so a total of "52" miles for the day. Warm, sunny but you could see the clouds were building over Pikes Peak. we made our way to Old Pueblo Rd. using urban trails and back roads, it was NICE to get away from the TRAFFIC on Hwy. 85/87 once we got on OPR, which loosely follows I-25 S. Stopped for lunch then meandered our way to PPIR! LOL, the ride there seemed easy but the ride back home seemed a lot harder, it's hell getting OLD! It took us 5.5 hours with lunch and rest/get water stops but we now know we can do it!! Here's a video and some photos of our ride.

Barn Swallows flying under the bridge on Old Pueblo Rd, Fountain Creek below