Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Just an update

We've closed the group we started for Rail Trail Riders here in Colorado Springs, I've gone back to being a member of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club and just doing the more, "mellow" rides! Jo won't ride with the club, they just ride too fast for her so I ride with her, 2 weekend out of the month and with the Club the other two weeks of the month! :)  I've got 800 miles on the Del Sol Lxi 6.1 comfort bike and it's been a very good machine. I'm looking at getting Jo on come Spring 2017! It's not easy getting older and having arthritis but having a bicycle that let's me sit straight up, really makes riding more FUN!
The top photo is my current machine and the bottom is the one my wife Jo likes, she's very short legged so the "step-thru" frame is a great match for her!  We are having really great weather here in November so we've gotten in several rides, hope it last's for a bit longer! :) Jo and I did get in a nice ride over to Manitou Springs, via the bike trails, here's a few photos!

The creek that flows thru this park in Manitou Springs, CO.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ride to the Labor Day Lift Off

We rode the bicycles to the yearly, Labor Day Lift Off Balloon Fest, here in Colorado Springs, CO. over Labor Day Weekend. We had to leave at 6 AM. in the dark to make the 7 AM. launch time! We arrived and the day broke sunny and a bit windy so it took awhile for the Balloons to get a "ok" to launch but they did and it was quite a site!

Jo and the bikes awaiting the Sunrise!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Just an update!

We've been putting on rides over the last 2 months for our newly founded: Rail Trail Riders of Colorado Springs, CO. casual bicycle riding group! LOL, just forgot to take a camera so no pictures. We still don't have any new members but Me and the Mrs., hopefully we can get at least 2 more couples or singles before the end of the year! We plan on riding the bicycles over to the Labor Day Balloon Lift Off at Memorial Park here in Colorado Springs so maybe a couple of photos from that adventure will be forthcoming! :) The summer season is coming to an end, RATS but there's some good and cooler Fall riding for the next couple of months!

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Templeton Gap Trai Ridel

Our Second ride for the The Rail Trail Riders of Colorado Springs, CO. was held on July 23rd., we started at Nancy Lewis Park, (which is a beautiful local park), and then headed out to ride the Templeton Gap Trail, we rode the trail from Union Blvd. to the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail, our original idea was to turn around and ride back to the park but since it's still just "Jo and I" on the rides, we headed down the PPGWT and headed over to an old fashion ice cream, burger joint, called the Tasty Freeze for some ice cream! BUMMER it wasn't open yet so we instead headed out for lunch and rode to Taco Bell for a yummy combo burrito!! 

LOL, yes I know that's not healthy but that's one of the many reason we RIDE so we can eat a bit of junk food and it won't just go to our waist's! ;) Then we headed home. We can't wait till we get our first new members, but we don't mind as we were going to RIDE anyway! :)

Start of T-Gap Trails

Friday, July 15, 2016

We've started the Rail Trail Riders of Colorado Springs, CO.

We've been members of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club off and on since 2005, resigned up in 2016 BUT, as of July, 2016 we have decided to "leave" the CSCC for good and try to start our own "Casual Bicycling" Group, called the: Rail Trail Riders of Colorado Springs, CO.  We will be mostly riding the local area "Rail Trails, bike paths, lanes, etc. around the City of Colorado Springs, CO.

We've noticed that most of the rides the CSCC was doing were just "Too Fast" for my wife JoLynn and we wanted a more, FUN, relaxed riding group. Were not into "distance", etc., just want to ENJOY a ride with other like riders. We will be using a VERY mellow, easy pace, that even families and kids should be able to ride! We have a website, (see link below), facebook page, we use as a "BLOG" and are set up as a "club" on bikejournal.com So we have our "ride/event" schedule listed in at least "2" places on the internet.

We know it will take YEARS to grow but we decided, it's TIME, for a Casual Riding Group, this is NOT for Racers, Long Distance Riders or Competitive type riders. We will have stops and usually find a place for lunch or a snack during the rides. We had our first "official" ride on "Saturday, July 9th." LOL, yes, it was just Jo and I but we now feel like it's started! Join us! :)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Bike to work day in Colorado Springs, CO.

I decided to "ride away from work", LOL as I'm a househusband and join in the fun for Bike To Work Day, here in Colorado Springs. This year I hooked up with the "Mayor's Ride" from Goose Goshage Baseball Park to America the Beautiful Park in downtown. The ride started at 6 AM. so it was still DARK when I left the apt. at 5 AM. On the rail trail, I had to avoid some deer munching on the trees! I arrived and staged with the other riders from the Colorado Springs Cycling Club and after a brief visit from the Mayor, we headed out on some newly concreted portions of the Pike Peak Greenway Trail, heading south to the park!

It was a beautiful morning with sunshine and mellow temps., around 200 bicycle's were in the group and 6 or so "armed" Police officers on bicycles surrounding the Mayor so we were well protected! ;) About a 30 min. ride to the Bike To Work Day festivities, some really good bagels and a banana or two and we all had breakfast. Listen to the dignitaries on the stage and then headed home via a different route. back to the apt. by 8:30 to do my household chores! Enjoyed the ride!

The Julie Penrose Fountain in the park. It turns 360 degrees in the wind and has water in the center!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Riding with the Mrs. :)

We've managed to get in 2 rides in June together so far and for us that's doing really good! Just one of our favorite rail trails, riding the Templeton Gap Trail together is always FUN! It was a beautiful sunny day so we really enjoyed ourselves!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day, via bicycle

We always try to attend a Memorial Day event, no matter where we are. Normally we'd take the Harley Sportster but were waiting on a new rear tire so we went to the Memorial Day event in Memorial Park's Veterans Memorial in Colorado Springs, CO. via bicycles! It was a beautiful morning and a great way to pay tribute to those that have "Given ALL" for our freedom to ride weither motorcycle or bicycle! Here are some photo's of the event.

Jo at the Vietnam War Memorial, Jo's Dad, spent "3 tours" in Viet-Nam!

The Veterans Memorial Tower in Memorial Park, Colorado Springs, CO. 

Me at the Air Force Memorial, I was a 4 year Vet of the USAF
  Sorry for the photo quality, had to use my phone with only 640x480 resolution!  It doesn't take a lot but please, during Memorial Day, take some time to reflect on those that gave for YOUR freedom, it's not just about BBQ and BEER folks, JMHO!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

National Bicycle Challenge

I finally got out on a ride to start the "National Bicycle Challenge", it starts the 1st. of May each year and yes, I know I'll not get anywhere near as many miles as most but it's FUN to add the little I can to the National Total miles and I also support my local bicycle club, Colorado Springs Cycling Club as a TEAM member. Rode some of my favorite Rail Trails, even found that they are FINALLY replacing the old, beat up asphalt for smooth concrete on a portion of the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail!

It was a beautiful Sunny and warm day, been a while since we've had those this spring so I really enjoyed being out and about! If you want to join up here's the website: National Bike Challenge
Here's a few photo's of the days ride!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Do'in the Latte Ride

Not a lot happening, the weathers been weird, even for Colorado Springs lately but have managed some riding. The only "CSCC ride I've been on lately is the Saturday morning "Cafe Latte" ride, it's mellow and a fun pace. Usually stops at a local coffee shop somewhere in the city! LOL, I don't drink coffee but most carry other types of drinks! The group is usually 10 to 20 riders and most of the time I do "Sweep", the last rider helping those that are lagging behind or have a malfunction. I'm enjoying the new "Comfort" bike but it does take more "effort" to keep speed and do uphills, being a "old, fat guy" I usually make up speed on the downhills! ;)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Riding the new "trail extension" of the Cottonwood Trail

Here's some photo's of the new extension of the Cottonwood Trail, coming off the Pikes Peak Greenway and heading north to Vincent St. After going "under" Vincent St. it heads north towards Academy Blvd. but sadly due to "private property right a way issues", it stops just short of connecting to Academy Blvd.
Cottonwood Trail heading north off the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail

NOTE: As of April 4, 2016, there is now a "barricade" across the tunnel entryway and the trail heading north is closed off to traffic!! Problems with the Private Property Owner at the end of the trail forced the City to close this trail off, FYI! :(

Hopefully one day the property owners will give "right a way" permission,  once they see the value a rail trail can bring to an area! :) It was a beautiful sunny April day and my first longer ride on the new "Comfort Bike"! LOL, ya I'm OLD but just got tired of having a "pain in my neck" and couldn't afford a recumbent! So it's slow but FUN! :)

Friday, April 1, 2016

New Bicycle!!

I traded in the my 23 year old Mongoose Ridged MTB for a 2016 Del Sol LXI 6.1 Comfort Bike last Tuesday! I know "comfort bikes" are slow, ect. but I'm TIRED of having to ride with a Pain In My Neck!! Can't afford a Recumbent so the next best "sit up" type bicycle is a Comfort Bike! I'm sure I'll get some grief from some of the members of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club, that I'm a member of but, they will just have to put up with ME! LOL. ;)

I changed out the "seat", the Super Cushy" seat it came with is "too soft" for me, added all the accessories, now just waiting for it to "warm up" a bit! Found a newly built section of the "Cottonwood Trail" has been open so I'll head out on Sat. and check it out! :)

Here it is with all my "stuff" added, including the less "cushy" seat! :)