Saturday, March 30, 2019

Rode the VERY COLD "Walk, Run and Roll for Daniel, charity event today!

Rode the very COLD, Walk, Run and Roll for Daniel this morning, my winter gear is seriously lacking, LOL! . Woke up and the streets in Security were clear and the sun was peeking thru so I loaded the trike in the truck and headed down town to America The Beautiful Park for the event. I got there "too early" but it was sunny to start but the WIND was COLD!! Did some laps around the park to try to get warm. Finally we got started, the trail was a bit mucky but not as back as I thought it would be, Rodger was being a "traffic director" by the Templeton Gap Trail Bridge, which had snow and ice on it! Headed up to Cascade then over to a place called "Tap Traders", where they had Pancakes for us, YUM! LOL, ate to much got back on the trike and headed back to the park where they had "Vendors" and music but the skies were getting thick with clouds so I just packed the trike back in the truck and headed home. 15K RT for a great cause, with a decent turn out with the CRUD weather!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Some needed adjustments and a nice ride to boot! :)

On Wed's. I took the trike up to Angletech for some needed adjustments and after they were finished, it was 1:30PM. but the day way Soooo nice that I put on the bike shoes and went for a 14 mile ride along a part of the Sinton and Foothills Trail. The Foothills trail goes along the entryway to the Garden of the Gods Park, here in Colorado Springs, CO. It was 70F, breezy and partly sunny but it was warm and I enjoyed it! Rode off the trail and picked up the 31st. St. Bike Lane down to Colorado Ave and found a Subways for lunch. Then headed back up the trail as heading north has some steep uphill grades along the trail! Got back to the dealership, loaded the trike in the old pick up truck and headed back down south to our storage unit where we keep our trikes and tucked it away. Hopefully the weather won't be as BAD as they are saying for this coming Saturday, as there is a "Charity Ride" for a friend of ours Son, who needs more brain surgery!
With Pikes Peak in the background, riding along the entryway to the Garden of the Gods Park

The newest section of the Foothills Trail, connecting the trail to the 31st. Street Bike Lane!

Monday, March 18, 2019

FRRTBG Ride, Sunday March 17th.

Well since I'm not Irish and I don't drink booze, I thought I'd celebrate St. Patrick's Day by leading a local area urban trail ride. Turned out to be a decent day, 45F+, Sunny with only a light wind, started at Soaring Eagles Park, then headed north up to Powers Blvd. on the "No Name Trail" turned around and headed down the trail south to Academy Blvd. Normally after crossing I'd take the (most useless Bike Lane in the City), the bike lane over to the Hancock Expressway Bike Lane but being a Sunday, there was no Big Truck traffic on Astrozon Blvd. so I just used the road and headed for a "backway" onto the Sand Creek Trail to head north. The Sand Creek Trail is a very urban trail, got a bit of trash, here and there but it goes along the Sand Creek Drainage System which is like a small creek with some nice views of water flowing over rocks. I took the trail all the way to Wildflower Park to stop and eat my "Brown Bag Lunch" of a good Fuji Apple and a Z-Bar (kids Cliff Bar), yes it was a Group Ride but I was the only one who showed, I guess the lure of GREEN BEER was too much for the rest, LOL!! ;) found a picnic table for "one" in the Sun! After eating stopped at one of  VERY FEW "provided" pota-potties and headed back the same route until I got to Drennin Rd. and Hancock Expressway then I turned south into Security where I live. 20 miles RT and a lot of smiles! :)

Sunday, March 17, 2019

She's BAAAAACK!! :)

Finally a decent weekend day so JoLynn, my wife could get in her FIRST ride back after having a heart attack on Jan. 11th. 2019! Sunny 47 F just a breeze! After adding a couple of accessories to the trikes, we headed out for a flat ride around Security/Widefield, CO. where we live. We wanted to see how a short ride would effect her heart and diabetes, we stopped at Widefield Park (5 miles) and checked her blood sugar and it was fine! After a mellow lunch we headed back, 11 miles and she was all SMILES!! BJ :) 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A short ride before the Storm!!

We will be under a "Blizzard Warning" 70 mph. gusts with up to 6 inches of SNOW tomorrow, (March 13th.) so even though there were some ugly clouds and at times WIND gusts up to 40 mph. that at times threw some sand and grit into my face but it was 50F+ and mostly sunny so I got out on the trike for short ride of 10 miles. I was doing a "recon" of parts of the trail I will be hopefully leading a group ride this coming Sunday! I can tell I wasn't able to ride half of Jan. and all of Feb. due to my wife JoLynn's "heart attack", I could feel the whimpy "recumbent legs" whining a bit on the uphill grades, LOL. Even with the wind it was awesome to be out on the trike! :) Hopefully the snow will go north or south of us, it's been a long while since I've gotten to ride with the group! :)
Heading south from Powers Blvd. on the "No Name Trail", with Pikes Peak in the background!

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Saturday, March 9, 2019

A break in the CRUD weather and a 1st. RIDE!

Today started with WIND, gusting up to 50mph. so I figured I'd not get to ride but after JoLynn's diabetic support group meeting, the wind finally "mellowed" so I got dressed and got on the Tour II for it's first "official ride"! It was great 50F and sunny with a steady 15mph. breeze but much better than the morning! Just a ride down to Widefield Park, stopped the to eat a luna bar and check out some the "looooong throwers" on the local disc golf course at the park. Headed back via back roads found a good down hill got the trike up to 25mph. it might need a "toe-in" check but it was much more stable than the sunseeker EZ-Tad SX at that speed! 11 miles total got back to the storage unit and did some adding of accessories so it was a good day but the CRUD weather returns tomorrow and last's through most of next week, BUMMER, come on Spring!! :)

Turned out to be a nice day in the local park!

Added a new "wireless" bike computer, mounted it on the mirror, works great!! :)