Monday, July 22, 2019

Local Area Ride due to forcasted Heavy Rain later!!

On Sunday July 21st. we headed out for a ride around the local area (Security, Widefield, Fountain) as they were forecasting "Heavy Thunderstorms" by late afternoon! Headed south on our normal ride but then headed up to Mesa Ridge to find a place for lunch. A much cooler day than the last two rides, only in the 80's and Sunny! We stopped at Carl Jr's for their excellent "Chicken Tenders" and a side salad, hate to tell KFC but Carl's chicken tenders are a LOT better, LOL!! ;) We then headed back to Fontaine Blvd. down to Grinell St. over to Bradley Road and back to the storage area. The clouds were starting to turn very DARK, put away the trike tandem and walked back to the house!! 15 miles RT, 80F and sunny till we got back, LOL, the RAIN never showed up! ;)

A lunch ride for a Canadian Chicken Sandwich

Oops I forgot to add a ride back on July 13th., we headed out for a lunch ride as we had stayed later than expected watching the Tour De France on NBCSN that morning so we took a ride via the "Hancock Expressway" Bike Lanes into Colorado Springs from Security just to try another route into town. We decided we wanted to try the "International Menu" at Mc Donald's, especially the Canadian Chicken Sandwich, with bacon and mozzarella cheese!! The Hancock Expressway is a very busy highway but most of it has decent marked "Bike Lanes", some spots don't so you have to be careful!! 

We headed north on a VERY HOT day, already 90F+ in the AM., the bad thing about this route is it has several steep inclines and HILLS with not a lot of shade!! Still we are never in a hurry when we ride the tandem trike so we slogged our way up the inclines and we did have some fast down hill here and there to at least kinda even the hills! We made it right at noon, the sandwich was quite good but a little greasy due to the mozzarella, we added a side salad and ice water and had a excellent lunch. Decided to head back via the southern part of the Shooks Run Trail back to the Hancock Bike Lanes and home. LOL, yes we stopped when a shady spot showed up and took water breaks!! It has come to our attention due to the weight of the Terra Trike Rover Tandem and gear for 2 riders we really NEED a Electric-Assist system for this tandem trike, that and the fact we are both 64 years old and JoLynn did have a heart attack in Jan. which brought on her Type 2 Diabities, we ain't getting any younger. We hope to have enough saved by Jan. 2020 to get the system installed by Angletech, it will just be there to "assist" us up the big hills. We got back to the storage unit and walked home a good day almost 20 miles with good uphill's! :)

Here's a link to our video of the ride:

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Just a short ride before the HEAT comes in!

Got out on the Bike E and road a short ride up Bradley Road over to Widefield Park around the area and back into Security trying to get in some miles before the HEAT (90F+, possible new record temps today). Really enjoy riding a "bicycle" again and the bonus is it's quite a bit faster, avg. speed wise from the Trike Tandem, (Avg. almost 9 mph on bike/Avg. speed 6 on Trike Tandem), plus it does climb hills and grades easier! 15 miles by Noon and back inside the "cool" house!! :)
Stopped at the Bluestem Prairie Open Space Parking lot for a snack!

With the HEAT WAVE we've had the last week, finally all the SNOW has melted off Pikes Peak!

Monday, July 8, 2019

First Ride on the Bike E RX bicycle!

Back on June 26th. I forgot to add to the blog that I finally got a decent weekday to get a ride on the "new to me" Bike E RX bicycle! Did a nice 25 mile RT ride both street and trail and I found I really do like this Bike E RX quite a bit. It's got a pretty smooth ride, except it does get at bit of a "bounce" from the rear coil shock if you have to push the pedals hard going up a steep hill but it's not bad. Once I got the "hang" of  having to balance and lean into corners again, the ride was FUN and it's easier to maintain a higher average speed on the bike than on the Trike Tandem. I'm glad I found this bike at a inexpensive price, I will enjoy riding it! :)

 On the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail heading north.
At the Julie Penrose Fountain, America The Beautiful Park, Colorado Springs, CO. 

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Independence Day, 2019 Ride

We got out early and headed to the local area, Independence Day Street Breakfast put on by the All Volunteer Security Village Fire Department. Had a good breakfast of pancakes (with cimamin & stevia sweetener instead of maple syrup), scrambled eggs and link sausage! :) They close off Main St. in front of Fire Station #1. and you see all the area volunteer fire departments, trucks and equipment! It was a real good turn out and the weather was already getting hot and very sunny. Afterwards we decided to head north to pick up the Sand Creek Urban Trail up to Wildflower Park in Colorado Springs. 17 miles RT, stopped under a picnic awning at Wildflower Park and had a great fresh apple, then headed over the a Subway for lunch, then made our way back to the storage unit! 90F, HOT and SUNNY! :) Happy Independence Day! Here's a video from my You Tube Channel of our ride to the Street Breakfast, ENJOY! :