Sunday, October 31, 2021

The last bit of a excellent October Fall riding before the gloom and doom of Halloween!

 Well we got really lucky for October, it turned out to be a excellent "Indian Summer" kinda month which is just awesome. Oct. 2020 was cold and wet so we really got out and tried to get in as much riding as we can! I've got over 200 miles of rides for the month, been a while since I've seen that number of miles in a month! I know for a lot of you that's no biggie but for us it's a real feat! We are just recreational/utility riders, we can't afford to own a car anymore so we use a bicycle/trike and a home built utility trailer to get our food, necessities, etc. 

 It's been so nice mellow temps, lot's of sunshine but as usual it has ended right close to Halloween! :( From the sunny 70 F's to the cloudy and gray 40 F's in one day, SAD! :( 

We have 3 seasons here in Colorado Springs, Winter, Spring, Summer and "CONSTRUCTION", LOL! ;) At the moment there is construction going on at 4 of the major E/W or N/S urban/rail trails in our area so are rides are now a combo of trail, bike lanes, back streets and yes even sidewalks in some places (No one actually WALKS on the side walks on Academy Blvd. anyway!), so any ride you take this time of year is always a bit of a "changes of plans" ride! We got in rides on both Friday the 29th. and Saturday the 30th. so we ended the month on the recumbents, even had to put new front tires on Jo's trike as she's got in over 1200 miles so far, even with a couple of multi-day stays in the hospital for heart or diabetes problems!! :( I've passed 1500 miles for the year might make 1600 by the end of December but with winter coming in, we NEVER know! Here's a couple of photos from the last two rides, hope your getting in the miles and your area winter is mellow!

NOTE: Sadly we can no longer afford fast speed internet so there is not going to be anymore Relive or other video's on our Blog! :( Unless I can find a FREE source that has fast enough speed to upload them from the laptop to You Tube or Relive, sorry, it's just the way it has to be, thanks! BJ and Jo :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

LOL, looks like I'm behind the 8 ball again, here's some updates!

A Video from Oct. 9th. were I rode the Garden of the Gods "Motorless Morning" Ride! They shut down the roads thru the park for bicycles, walkers, roller skaters, (NO skate boards) so you can enjoy the park "CAR FREE"!  

Well we've been doing a lot of "utility runs" as we don't own a car, needed food and got our Covid 19 Moderna Booster shots, etc. Sadly we will probably not be able to add many videos as we had to cancel our xfinity internet due to the rising cost! :( I just don't know if they will be able to be added directly to this Blog Page?? We've been really lucky the weather has been really great thru most of October!!! So I'm just going to put up some photo's and maybe the last video I was able to upload to YouTube! We did do the last series of ADA Tour de Cure Virtual Rides for 2021, the last one was for the Desert Southwest area last weekend! We sure HOPE to be able to do a LIVE version of the ADA Tour de Cure-Rocky Mountains in 2022 but who knows with this !@#$% virus that just won't seem to die off! :( Enjoy! :)


Monday, October 11, 2021

October 2nd. and 7th., 2021- Catching up with the blog with a couple of videos!

 Yikes, I've gotten behind on the blog badly, we've had some really excellent fall weather and so we got in some rides on area urban trail and bike lanes!! Nothing really different so I'll just post the video's we took, enjoy the vid's and thanks for checking out the blog, it's really appreciated, sadly the weather is heading down hill this coming week, might even get our first lite snow fall of the year on Thursday morning, ARRUGH!!! Only good thing is we just got a new "recumbent style" exercise bike so we can keep up what we've gained and hope for some clear sunny but now chilly days to get in the miles! BJ's goal was 1500 miles from Jan 1st. to Dec. 31st. and he's got right at 1400 miles now! :)

Oct. 2nd. Ride:

Oct. 7th. Ride:

Hope your Fall rides are still going strong, enjoy them as old man WINTER is breathing down our necks, BURRRRRR! :(

October 9th., 2021-A EXTREEMLY WINDY Ride for the last "Motorless Morning" at the Garden of the Gods Park in 2021!!! :O

 3 times a summer, the Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs, CO. shut's off the roads to all "CAR" traffic and has "Motorless Mornings" from 5 AM to 12 Noon!! This was the last one for 2021 and WOW it was really WINDY and we got sprinkled on as we rode from the apartment to the GoG Park. The Sun came out but the WIND was really ripping! Made it tough to keep the bicycle going "straight" to film the video so pls. forgive the extra side to side movement!! :( It was a fun ride and the VIEWS are FANTASTIC, if your ever coming to visit, check the city website for the dates and BRING YOUR BICYCLE!! :) Here is the video of the Ride! 19 miles RT, totally tired out at the end! :)