Saturday, January 25, 2020

Finally a ride after a move into Colorado Springs and very close to the trail system

Well we finally found a place and we are out and FREE of family!! :) We found a 1 bedroom apt. about 150 ft. from the Monument Valley Trail which is the center part of the Pikes Peak Greenway thru Colorado Springs from north to south! Sadly our trikes won't fit thru the firedoors so we had to find a close storage unit and luckly for us, we found one within a few blocks!! :) Between moving, unpacking, apt. set up and cold weather we haven't got a chance to ride our trikes till today, (Sat. Jan. 25, 2020). We needed to go to the 8th. street Wal-Mart to transfer JoLynn's meds. so we walked over to the storage unit and got the trikes out, cleaned and oiled the chains, aired up the tires and we headed south on the Greenway thru Colorado Springs and America The Beautiful Park and took the trail over to Wal-Mart the trail turns into the Bear Creek Trail just outside Wal-Mart. After that we headed back to America The Beautiful Park and had a brow bag lunch.

We decided to head back via back streets and pick up the Shooks Run Trail, part of the "Legacy Loop" system around Colorado Springs on the eastern side of down town. We rode up the trail and decided to check and see if a old corner store/deli was still open but sadly it was boarded up. We headed up Shooks Runs going north and stopped at a local coffee shop for a hot coco, it's pretty new called the Good Neighbors Meeting House, really good hot coco! We then headed back and stopped a a local Safeway for some protein bars. headed up the back streets to the storage unit, did a couple of accessory additions to both trikes and then walked home as the sun was setting! :) 13 miles RT, 52F partly cloudy with sun, it sure felt great to get back out on the trikes and even better not to have to load and unload the pick up truck!! :)

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Road ride around Security/Widefield and Fountain Mesa

On Weds. Jan. 8th. we headed out around our area for a bit of a road ride. Heading south thru Security thru Widefield and out to Old Mesa Road we headed up to Fountain Mesa and stopped at a Arby's for a 5 for $5 Slider and Salad lunch! After lunch we decided to go back via Bradley Road with a stop at the Bluestem Prairie Open Space for photo or two as there is a great view of the local mountains and Pikes Peak off to the west from Bradley Road! The day was partly sunny and slowly heading to 60F with just a bit of breeze, we rode a 15 mile round trip with a few steeper grades here and there, then back to the Security area with a stop off at Piute Park for a apple and cracker snack break! From there back streets to our storage unit to tuck the trikes away for the next ride! Fun day!

 Note: The Open Space usually has a short walking trail (dirt) around the Big Johnson Resivour which is DRY as of now as they drained it to clean the bottom. It's suppose to be filled back up in Feb. 2020, FYI. :)

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Trails Loop Ride, January. 4, 2020

On Wednesday January 1st., 2020 New Years Day, We started out on a ride in Security/Widefield were we live and after only a few miles the dark clouds and WINDS started up so we cut the ride short at 11 miles and headed back to the storage unit to put the trikes away! Saturday January 4th., 2020 The temps were going to be 50F+ with lot's of sunshine, well the day started cloudy and at 35F but the clouds slowly went away so we loaded up the truck with the trikes and decided to do a Loop Ride. We again started at Bott Park but headed south down back streets to pick up the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail heading north. We rode up to Criterium Bicycles Shop and ate our brown bag lunch on the Crit Cafe's patio as the cafe is closed in the winter months. We then headed north again to pick up the Cottonwood Creek Trail heading East over to the Vincent St. Bike Lane/Trail that turns into the Nevada Ave. extension Bike Lane/Trail over to the University Shopping Center to again pick up the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail heading South. We were riding at a easy pace just happy to be outside on a nice Jan. day so soon after our COLD New Year's Day ride! 13 miles RT with lot's of little but steep inclines! Mostly Sunny with some high clouds and we found a "T-Bar accessory mount at Criterium Bicycles to add to JoLynn's front derailleur post so we can put double head lights on her trike! Here's a photo of our trikes at the Crit Cafe Patio and I will add a video when it's processed! :)
Crit Cafe Patio closed for the winter but a good place to eat a brown bag lunch! :)