Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sunday Social Ride with the club!

Well I did my first Sunday Social Ride with the Colorado Springs Cycling Club and LOL, they kicked my butt big time. It was only a 20 mile ride but with LOTS of hills, after 15 months of mostly riding "Rail Trails" and city streets this ride really beat up my knees. I usually volunteer for Sweep Rider, the last rider in the group, good thing as except for one rider, (of course and older guy on a STEEL framed 80's MTB like mine!), was the ONLY rider I could even keep up with!!  It's gona take several rides before I'm able to actually stay up with the main group!

Infact, I even bailed out of the ride a bit early so I could be SURE to make it home! Since we don't own a car, I can't call the wife and have her come get me!!  Still it was FUN to get to ride with other's, I've been a lone wolf for the last 15 months. :)  The biggest problem I have is that everyone else has a "IRON BLADDER", I seem to need a potty stop about twice as often as the other rides, ARRUGH!! :(  LOL, all I can hope for is that it get's easier with more group riding time! Have a most excellent day and stay WARM!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Back on Track!

Well I rejoined the "Colorado Springs Cycling Club" for 2016, decided I needed more motivation to ride more. Still won't be riding a 100 miles a week like the old days but I did get in a 30 mile ride on Tuesday with the, "Old Phart's Ride", the club holds on Tue's. and Thru's. I'll admit that their pace "whipped my butt" badly and I had to ice my knees but it was a fun ride, I just have to do more rides to get back in shape.  Was hoping to make the Saturday, "Latte Ride" but it's only going to be 25 F degrees and my cold gear won't be enough for a ride that cold, RATS!  Well I'll just keep trying and hope the weather get's better soon!! :)