Monday, September 28, 2015

The Popcycle Bridge

Finally got a 2nd. ride in for September, hope to do more fall riding in Oct. I just did my staple of the Rock Island Trail down to the Pikes Peak Greenway, as I was passing what used to be a ugly old bridge for part of the Greenway trail, I noticed that it has been totally fixed up, repaved and wood bench's added! It's called the Popcycle (a play on Popsicle) Bridge. Ride for Kids, is a very active group, getting bicycles to kids that can't afford them, thru a program that rewards them for school attendance and good grades.

The Popcycle Bridge is a place that the monthly "Ride For Kids" ride up the PP Greenway trail, they have usually stopped and had a "popsicle" treat and now it dedicated and the bridge was overhauled with funds raised by the Ride For Kids and other area cycling organizations!

The Bridge sign and my old faithful ridged MTB, which is call Goose! ;)

The bridge hooks up the left and right side of the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail, that goes along Fountain Creek, thru Colorado Springs, CO.

From there I took the PP Greenway Trail up north to Criterium Bicycles to re-fill the water bottles and take a "cookie break". Didn't have a lot of time to ride today so I headed back home the same way. A nice 15 mile ride on a beautiful sunny September day! Hope you've gotten in a ride too! :)