Monday, August 29, 2022

August 28, 2022- A ride to end up at our Niece, Allision's Celebration of LIFE Ceremony.

 We normally like to ride in the AM. but sadly, we had a niece pass away unexpectedly and the family was having a "Celebration of Life" at Thorndale Park here in Co. Springs at 6 PM. We left the apartment on the trikes at 1PM and headed out for a ride to Manitou Springs and then headed back to end up at Cy's Drive Inn on the Westside for a great burger and sweet potato fries!! We pulled into the covered patio at Cy's and the darkish clouds, opened up and poured buckets of water upon us!! :O We waited out the storm for an hour and ate our lunch slowly! The clouds stayed but the rain quit so we headed out on the wet streets over to King Soopers for a restroom and a snack for later. Then we headed to the park and arrived about 4:30 PM, we found a building with a overhang and waited for the others to show up. At 5:30 they showed up and put up a awning and speaker system with a portable movie screen and had a nice presentation about Allision and filled up balloons to launch a bit later. We told our condolences as we didn't know Allison a lot, that side of the family, (younger brother Chuck's Daughter). We were there to represent his side of the family as best as we could. We got to hug our other niece Vanessa and Allison's Grandmother, Wendy. We watched the presentation and launched a balloon in her honor. Jo made up multi-colored flower bouquets with the purpose of each color to Allison's Qualities and gave them to Vanessa, Wendy and Brenda and Kylie, Allison's daughter. We stayed till 30 mins. before sundown and then said our goodbyes and headed home quickly to be home just as the sun went down behind Pikes Peak. 17 miles warm but gray and then lot's of rain but we stayed mostly dry! :) 

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  1. The Celebration of Life gathering is a wonderful tribute to your niece.