Sunday, August 29, 2021

August 28, 2001-JoLynn's ADA Tour de Cure-Rocky Mountains Event Ride Report!!

We got up at 6 AM. and did our warm up and stretch exercises, had a cup of hot green tea with lemon, dressed for the ride, packed the bikes and headed out the door by 7 AM. We decided to check out the newly painted "Bike Lane" on Weber St. into downtown Co. Springs. Heading out to the Corner Cafe downtown to get a good breakfast and RATS, we got there and found out they are CLOSED on Saturday's, ARRUGH!! :( Headed over to America the Beautiful Park to pick up the Midland Trail heading west. Stopped at two more cafes but one was not open yet and the other one had no place to park and lock up our bikes so we headed to Mc Donald's off of 31st. and remembered they had a Taco Bell decided to give their Breakfast Burrito's at try! Drat, they we not opening till 10 AM. due to a employee weekly meeting so we went to Mickey D's and got a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit only to find out we'd have to eat out in the parking lot as the lobby was still closed due to Covid requirements!!!! :( Oh well the biscuit was quite good, the day was sunny and not windy! :)

We headed for the Swimming Pool Park in Manitou Springs, found out they have FINALLY finished the make over for the trail section off of street beginning with B so we could ride the whole trail back without using the "detour" on the back road! Stopped so Jo could eat a good Fuji Apple in the shade and take a break. We headed back on the Midland Trail to the Palmer-Mesa Greenway and thought about heading to the "Crit Cafe" at the Criterium Bike Shop on the Pikes Peak Greenway. As the day was getting close to 11 AM. the heat came on quick and it went up to 90 F so we cut the ride short and headed to the Tasty Freeze Drive Inn a few blocks from the apartment. Great hot dog with grilled bun and unsweet iced tea, filled the water bottles with more ice and headed south on the Shooks Run Trail to Fontenero St. Bike Lane back to Wood Ave. then back to the apartment and the Air Conditioning, it felt good!! 20 miles round trip for ride mileage, 90 F Sunny, little breeze but Jo was pumped to actually get in the "Virtual" ride in the books so she "earned" her first ADA Tour de Cure Jersey she got to wear on the ride!!

She raised $230.00 in donations but her GOAL was $500 so she's hoping to work up to that  total GOAL before the next event ride: The ADA Tour de Cure-NATIONWIDE Event Ride on September 18th. 2021. She has set her mileage goal as 30 miles round trip ride! So pls. if you can send a donation in ANY amount to her ADA Personal Donations Page if you can, it's very, very appreciated!!! :) (link below)

 Link for Jo's ADA Personal Tour de Cure Donations Page for the Nationwide Event: 

Here is a short video of the Sept. 28th. ride Tour de Cure-Rocky Mountains: 

Friday, August 27, 2021

It's been a Loooooong two months, July/August have been the PITTS!!! :(

Well, Jo had her 2nd. heart attack on July 27th. and then just when we thought things would settle down, WHAM!!! on August 17th. She started throwing up and it was continuous for the 2 hrs. I was riding to Silver Key to get our August Supplemental Senior FOOD Allotment!  I got home to her looking like death warmed over and called 911 for an ambulance as we have NO CAR for transport to the Emergency Room!!! :( After a 3 day hospital stay they STILL don't know for SURE what caused the reaction but we feel it came on fast after she starting taking a "full dose" of a NEW Diabetic Medication she was started on!!!! :(

So for the 2nd. time in 2 months. Jo is back to "LEVEL ZERO" for her training rides for the ADA Tour de Cure-Rocky Mountains Event Ride on the 28th. of August! :( We've just had a little over a week to start her back with a few very easy miles on the trike. Alas the 62 mile (Metric Century) we'd planned to rider for the event is totally "Out The Window", we are now set to do a 10 to 15 miles local area ride for the "Virtual Event Ride" maybe we can get in a bit more miles per day in mid September when they have the ADA Tour de Cure-National Virtual Event Ride"!! :) We done a couple of rides using a "LOT" of stops and lot's of "shade breaks" to let her rest up but we will just have to see. Pls. wish her the best, she did get enough "Donations" to get the level 1 official ADA Tour de Cure Jersey and T-shirt but not the $500 in donations she needed for the fancier Level 2 donations Jersey she'd hoped for! :( Oh well maybe NEXT year as she's now a "Official RED RIDER", YEA!!! Report coming soon! :) 

We did a charity event ride called Burger Madness and added a bit of ride which is the video above, here's a couple of photos from the event ride too! 

Saturday, August 7, 2021

August 6, 2021-Got to ride with a new recumbent friend, we went to check out how to access the "SKY Bridge" with recumbents!

 I Got to meet a new fellow recumbent rider, (Alyn, rides a very nice Greenspeed trike!), we met and headed to the Olympic and Paralympic Museum in Co. Springs, CO. to see how to get up to the "Sky Bridge" from the America the Beautiful park! LOL, they have these "rails" up the stairs to push a bike up the very STEEP set of stairs to the Sky Bridge. I tried but the rails, they don't work well for my recumbent bicycle so we checked out the elevator and found it will fit both a trike and compact long wheel base recumbent bicycle to get up to the bridge level! It's the best way to go! Next we rode the bridge back to the front of the Museum, then headed back north to do lunch at the "Crit Cafe" next to Criterium Bicycle Shop on the Pikes Peak Greenway! :) Here's a video with the Relive Mapping of the ride!