Friday, December 30, 2022

December 28, 2022-Food Run and Photo session with the local newspaper for a possible article about "Recumbent Lifestyle"!

 Something a bit different, Weds. is our normal Food shopping day so we hitch up the cargo trailer and head to the store. Today is different due to a Facebook Friend, contacted our local newspaper, (The Gazette) and they decided to do an article on us and our "car free" recumbent trike lifestyle! LOL, well we were surprised as for us it's all just NORMAL! ;) The reporter came the day before and then the photographer showed up on Weds. and followed us, jumping ahead to get photos of us. She was really great and even waited 40 minutes for me to do our shopping for food and supplies so she could show us loading up the cargo trailer. It was a gray day with lot's of high clouds blocking out the sun but the temps weren't too bad! Due to the trail being sloppy from our last snow, we used back streets which worked better for the photographer there and back to the apartment. She took a couple of last "head shots" and we said goodbye. If the article makes the paper, she will let us know when it's going to be published. Here is a video of the ride and if you look you can see the photographer at different places! 

No photos just didn't have time. After unloading the cargo trailer and pulling it up the stairs to our 2nd. floor apt. we headed out to get lunch at Panera Bread. Creamy tomato soup and hunk of french bread and unsweet iced tea hit the spot. Warmed up and being a bit later than usual we jumped on the Pikes Peak Greenway and headed home. Later that evening the snow started falling, 4 inches of fresh powder on Thursday morning so it's gona be a while before we can ride again, RATS! We wish you a Totally Awesome New Year's, All the best, BJ and Jo Ondo :)

Saturday, December 24, 2022

December 24, 2022- We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Excellent New Years!!

Hello and Seasons Greetings to all, this is just to wish YOU and YOURS a very happy holiday season, no matter what you celebrate at this time of year!! As usual the year went by fast, it seems since we turned 60, they get faster every year, when they really NEED to slow down, LOL! ;) Well all the best in the year to come, pray to what you believe for no more War and that the world can finally find a way to some level of true PEACE! From US to YOU, we hope your Holiday Season was awesome!! Here's also hoping to more, Miles of Smiles in 2023!! Happy Holidays!! :)  

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

December 20, 2022-A ride to find cheap gifts for family Christmas Eve gathering

 It's been quite cold on and off so not a lot of rides but on Dec. 20, the temps came back up to low 40 F range so we needed to get over to the Dollar Tree Store to get some "cheap" gifts for our family Christmas Eve Gathering. Over the last few years, we've decided to keep the spending down and made a challenge out of it! The spending limit is $10 and you have to find 5 gifts, it's not as easy as it sounds because even Dollar Tree is not a true Dollar store anymore. Prices for items now range between $1.25 and up and that makes finding something different each year a bit of a chore, LOL! Well, the day started out sunny and warmish but there was still a chill to the breeze. After scoring our gifts we added to the ride by heading over to Panera Bread and got hot cups of tea and creamy tomato soup, with a small hunk of French bread, Yum. After lunch we got back on the trikes and discovered that the clouds had rolled in, the breeze was stronger and chillier. Still, we rode up the detour trail to Criterium Bike Shop and back south on the Pikes Peak Greenway. Decided to get a Powerball ticket at a local gas station/convenience store and on the way back down Becon St. we found a wild Holiday Season Display so we just had to get a photo:

Then it was really starting to get chilly so we hauled bunns home and get the trikes back into the apartment and made some Hot Coco (we use Stevia Sweetener, not sugar and coco not 1iquid chocolate), It's homemade so Jo as a Type 2 diabetic can have some too. Along with some Stevia sweetened homemade Christmas Cookies made for a FUN day! 17 miles total for the ride and lot's of smiles!  

Monday, December 12, 2022

December 11, 2022-A ride before the next Cold Snap of weather

 Gota cold snap on the way for Tuesday with possible snow and then it's gona stay cold maybe all the way to Christmas Day, ARRUGH! :( Sunday, the 11th., looked good so we decided to do halfway on one trail and then the 2nd. half on another trail. We headed up the Sinton Trail to see if they have done ANY work to finish the trail up to Garden of the Gods Rd. and 31st. street. Sadly, that last few blocks of concrete is still mostly dirt and blocked off, Bummer! Well we headed up to the Loaf N Jug store for a break and more water. We went back on the trail all the way to the Pikes Peak Greenway and then headed north. Heading for the University Village Colorado Center and Panera Bread. It was warm enough to sit on the patio in the sun so we got a "iced unsweetened tea", instead of the Hot tea we've been getting on the last couple of rides to warm up a bit! From there we headed north again on the Detour Trail up to Criterium Bicycle Shop and then back on the Pikes Peak Greenway heading south to the apartment as the sun was getting low in the sky. Winter days really go fast as you have to wait a bit long to start to let it WARM up, LOL! ;) I stopped at a feeder stream that goes into Fountain Creek to take a photo.

Well it's going to be wicked cold for quite a while, a VERY COLD food run this week for sure! There are times when not having "auto transportation" is a RPITA but just gota grin and bare it to get the job done, Happy Holiday Season!

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

December 4-5, 2022-A ride to search for "inexpensive Christmas Cards"-Day 1 NO LUCK!-Day 2, Finally found some semi-affordable ones at a Walmart

On Sunday we decided we needed to find some affordable Christmas Cards so we could get them in the mail! We went to several different Dollar Stores, and they had NONE! So, we headed off to lunch on a sunny but quite chilly day as the breeze was cold. Well we never found any cards that fit our merger budget but it felt good to RIDE! Here is a video of the Search for Cheap Christmas Cards Ride: 

Monday, we figured we'd try some Walmart's and we finally found one that had a semi-affordable box of cards. Ok, we enjoy sending out old fashioned Christmas cards but living on our very meager SS retirement income, the price of stamps, etc. means we have to use "cheap" cards, which are still much better than the current, Facebook Christmas card, JMHO!! The day was warmer with a bit more sunshine, and we stopped at the South. Panera Bread for iced tea to go with our Brown Bag Lunch! On Tuesday we left the trikes at home and walked the cards to the local post office and they are on their way! Mission Accomplished!! The days before our rides were gray, cloudy and cold so it was great to get out and RIDE!! Happy Holidays, however, you celebrate this season!