Saturday, May 8, 2021

5-6 and 5-7-21: RED Rider in training and a visit to the finally opened Starsmore Visitors Center in North Cheyenne Canyon Park

 We got out on Thursday and Friday this week (5-6/5-7) as Saturday we did a early Mom's Day breakfast for BJ's Mom and birthday celebration for BJ's brother Bob and Sunday is going to be WET and CHILLY! 

Close to a month ago, we got a burger, (very rare for us!), at Carl's Jr. and I put in a survey and got a FREE burger if you buy one. So on Thursday after my doctor's appt. we headed out for a short ride up the Rock Island Trail, then up it's extension trail running along Academy Blvd. up to a new Carl's Jr. and got our free burger as the survey ticket expires after 30 days. We then decided to try the only PAVED road thru Palmer Park! WOW, is this road STEEP and winding, I just managed to make it to the top and Jo did great as she only walked the steepest part! She found a nice flat rock and took a rest while I went up to the outlook to get a couple of photos:

I headed back to pick up Jo and we went flying down the hill out of the park and back over to Fillmore St., then took a back street to pick up the Templeton Gap Trail west to the Pikes Peak Greenway south back to the apt. 15 miles RT, Sunny, 70 F a bit breezy!


Then on Friday we did a bit of a "training" ride as Jo is a RED Rider for the American Diabetes Assoc. Tour de Cure, riding the Rocky Mountains ride on August 28th. Her goal is "60 miles" in one day. She self-embroidered, RED RIDER In Training on a jersey so I am her "support" so we will ride the event together! We headed over to the Cheyenne Blvd. Bike Lane and up the North Cheyenne Canyon Rd. up to the Starsmore Visitor Center at the Base of  North Cheyenne Canyon Park. It's a lot of uphill grind to the center, we found a bench and ate our brown bag lunch! The center was finally open for the season so we gave a small contribution and looked at a few of exhibits, took some photos and left to again, fly down the canyon road, then down town over to the Palmer Mesa Greenway and Pikes Peak Greenway back to the apt. LOL, 15 miles again, RT. Sunny 80 F, Windy with more clouds but 2 days of "leg building" uphill grades so "training" was accomplished! :) Here's a video of the Training Ride: 


Tuesday, May 4, 2021

5-1-21-Midland May Ride-May is celebrating the Midland Trail here in Colorado Springs, CO.

After our more straining ride on the 30th. we decided to do a mellow local area trail ride and found out that "Bike Colorado Springs", the local city sponsored bicycle advocate here in town has declarer "MAY" as Midland May! It's celebrating the "Midland Trail" between Co. Springs and Manitou Springs, which is one of our favorite local trails and a actual "Rail Trail"! 

It use to be a smaller gauge railroad that went between Co. Springs and Cripple Creek/Victor, CO. to pick up raw gold bring it back down and process it in the huge smelting plant on the westside of town back in the middle-late 1800's to early 1900's! It's now a huge housing area known as Gold Hills Mesa. So we headed out from our apartment, rode over to the Shooks Run Trail, which is the only other, "Rail Trail" in Co. Springs, (the rest are Urban Trails), heading south into down town over to America The Beautiful Park, then picking up the Midland Trail heading west to Manitou Springs! 

BCS is having several "events" with rides during the month to promote using the Midland Trail for shopping, eating, etc. between the two "Springs", instead of driving your car!! We stopped at our usual brown bag lunch spot at Schryver Park in Manitou Springs and ate, (sorry, no funds to eat out, RATS!). 20 miles RT, 80 F and SUNNY, very enjoyable! :)


4-30-21-Ride the Centennial Trail in Woodland Park, CO. out to Manitou Lake State Park

 The last time we rode this trail was a couple of years ago on our old recumbent trikes and it was a VERY ROUGH ride as the trail had 3-4 inch deep cracks covering the whole WIDTH of the trail for 4 miles out of the 8 mile trail length!! Thought we'd give it a try and see how the new bikes with their 700 C size wheels would fare. Loaded the bikes in the old truck and headed from Co. Springs up Ute Pass to Woodland Park and the Centennial Trailhead. Unloaded, headed out and wow, lot's of NEW, smooth asphalt for quite awhile but sadly it wasn't done for the whole 8 miles so we still had 2+ miles of cratered trail surface to deal with!! :(  The larger 700 C wheels did help some but you still had to SLOW down to a crawl to get thru the even larger cracks! The bummer is that there are several short but STEEP segments to this trail and where you'd normally speed up on the "down hill" to help get up the steep grades, you couldn't do it, RATS!! :(

Still it's a beautiful area as the trail goes along CO. Hwy. 67 N. that goes through the Pikes Peak National Forest area. Lot's of pine and a few aspen trees mixed in. The area is close to 9000ft. altitude so we got a work out! The trail got a bit better as we neared Manitou Lake which is a CO. State Park with lake, lot's of picnic tables and nice restrooms (advised, $3.00 entry fee for bicycles). We ate our Brown Bag Lunch and took a couple of photo's of us and the lake before heading back to Woodland Park. LOL, this trail fools you as it has more down hill grade heading north so there's a LOT of steeper uphill graded sections heading south!! :O It's only 16 miles total but we both felt it as we got back to the trailhead, loaded up the bikes and headed down the pass back to the Springs!! Sunny, 65 F, slight breeze, nice day for a RIDE!! :)

Monday, April 26, 2021

4-25-2021-Just "Out and About" on the Bicycles!

Well after Saturday's very HILLY ride we decided to take it a bit easy and just headed up the Pikes Peak Greenway then EAST on the Cottonwood Creek Trail up to the Regional Park for our brown bag lunch! As stated before the CCT heading east is a constant uphill grade, no real steep parts but it's always a bit uphill. When we got to the park, we noticed the "wind" was getting stronger and we'd be fighting a headwind if we continued northeast on the CCT to it's current ending point so we bailed and headed south for a very mellow ride back down to the PPG and then home. 17 miles RT, Sunny, 70 F partly cloudy with a stiff breeze but kinda a tailwind and with the "down hill" grade it was a very fast return!! LOTS of folks out on the trails today, yes, even though we have had both Covid shots we still wear masks when we ride!! Starting to plan on a Overnight Ride up to Castle Rock, CO. 60+ miles via Hwy. 83/86 as we are now "officially" in training mode for Jo's American Diabetes Assoc. "Tour de Cure" virtual ride on the 28th. of August!! 

If you'd like to make a "donation" to her ADA Ride, here's her "TdC Page" link: JoLynn Ondo's Tour de Cure donation page!  Any amount is good and helps find a CURE for this dreaded disease that literally "takes total control" of your LIFE and is not easy to live with, Thank You very much!! :)


Saturday, April 24, 2021

4-24-2021- We rode the "Motorless Morning" ride at the Garden of the Gods Park, here in Co. Springs, CO.

Got in a excellent ride today with my wife Jo, we rode in the Garden of the Gods in Co. Springs, CO. A few times a year the City opens the GoG park roads to "Bikes, Skaters, Walker/Runners ONLY! NO AUTOS allowed from 5AM to 12 Noon! We woke to a beautiful sunny but "slightly chilly day" so we did have to bundle up a bit for our ride over the Sinton and Foothills Trails over to the entry way into the GoG park! We got in about 27 miles RT so it was a good ride for us, with a stop for lunch at a local, long time drive up diner that open today, got a great grilled hot dog!! Then headed out to the Templeton Gap trail to head back home! 🙂

Here is a short video, enjoy!

Monday, April 19, 2021

April 18, 2021-Riding for "ERIC HESS" on the ALS Walk, Run, Ride bike ride event 15K

 At the March 27, 2021,  Walk, Run and Roll for Daniel charity ride they were handing out flyers for a 1st. time walk, run, ride for ALS for those that can't!! A few years ago a very dear friend and fellow bicycle rider of, Eric Hess, pass away from ALS, ie: Lou Gerigh's Disease! :( It's a terrible thing to watch he went from a very vibrant personality to being a  totally wasted physical husk in 1.5 years!!!! :( So when we saw the flyer, we KNEW we had to ride for "Eric"!! It was on Sunday the 18th. starting at 9AM. Well Sat. the 17th. came and on our walk it was very lightly snowing, gray and CHILLY!! We got lucky and the heavy snow didn't make it down from up north so the ride was ON!! 

We arrived at 8:30 AM with lot's of sun but temps around 28 F with a slight breeze, (when you check out the video, look at how much of the mountain range is covered in fresh SNOW!!), So we basically got there as they were setting up, booths etc. Finally it came close to starting time and we found out Jo and I were the ONLY bicyclist to sign up for the event!! :( Luckily they had a very good turn out of walkers/runners so the event was a success!! :) We headed of and rode the 15K route of urban trail with the "Ride Guide" on a recumbent trike, it was a slow ride for us but it felt good as the sun slowly warmed up the temps on the ride. We got back and then rode to down town Colorado Springs to eat a Panino's Restaurant for lunch then picked up the Shooks Run Rail Trail heading north back to our apartment. A total of 20 miles of riding for the day so we hope they will have it next year, Here's to you ERIC HESS!! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

April 10/11, 2021-A weekend with nice weather in the insane Spring weather in Southern Colorado!! :O

Ah, Spring time in So. CO. well our weather is "insane" at this time of year, could be 75 F and Sunny or Howling WIND and SNOW from one day to the next, arrugh!! So when you get a weekend that going to be 60 F, mostly sunny and lighter winds, well you just have to RIDE!! :) We did a mix of urban/rail trails, bike lanes and back streets so get in our miles, 22 on Sat. and 20 on a Sun. LOL, yes I know that's not a lot to some but it's early in the season and at 66 years old we like to slowly work up to longer day rides! Here is a link to Sat. ride video:

It felt good to feel the Sun warming on our backs and being able to ride in shorts and short sleeves! We are still getting use to our new "fitness/comfort combo" bikes, as stated before we came off a few years of riding "recumbent trikes" and then "crank forward" type bicycles. The regular "diamond frame" bikes take different mussel groups so we are still working on waking up, dormant mussels!!! Really enjoying the "ease of rolling" with the 700 C sized wheels and tires!!! So for now we were just enjoying and hoping to work up to possible overnight or weekend touring as the temps warm up towards summer. Here's a link to Sun. ride video:

 Oh, I must apologize for the constant, "FLUTTER" in this video, I found a old "handlebar mount" for the video cam and decided to see if it would work on this bike. Sadly it was a "EPIC FAILURE"!! :( The imperfections in the trails and streets cause the "flutter" so I've now gone back to the "Helmet video cam mount", RATS!! Well enjoy, good vid's to use on your cycle trainer or exercise bike, if you like US and the weather is every-changing in the Spring Time. BTW, we've got WIND, Mix of Snow/Rain from Tues. thru Sun. this week, BUMMER, oh well looks like the "Stationary Exercise Bike" will be getting a full workout this week!! Till next time, Take care, Ride Safe, have FUN!! :)


Monday, April 5, 2021

4-4-2021-Riding the Lake Pueblo State Park Trail, along the Arkansas River

We packed the bikes into the old Ford Ranger PU and headed 40 miles south of Colorado Springs to Pueblo, CO. to ride one of our favorite trails, The Lake Pueblo Reservoir State Park Trail that follows the Arkansas River thru the city of Pueblo. Two totally different landscapes on this concrete trail, heading west, it's like a desert with mesa's and to the east it's like a old forest till you get to where the trail turns north and goes thru the city of Pueblo Down Town areas up to end at the University of Southern CO. It's 21 miles one way from "end to end". We wanted to just do the River portion of the trail BUT found out the trail was closed at 4th. St. looks like they are building a bridge? So we turned around and headed WEST and ended at the Reservoir's South Marina then headed back to the truck and home! 17 miles for us, 85 F, SUNNY, breezy, a taste of SUMMER to come!! :)  

Here's a video:

Saturday, April 3, 2021

4-3-2021-The day you wait for all WINTER, the first ride in shorts and short sleeves!!

 I had to take my old bike to the old shop to be packed and shipped to the new owner and the shop didn't open till 10 AM so we got a late start for our ride! Man, what a day, going to hit 75 F, sunny with a bit of breeze and LOTS of SUN!! LOL, we've been having a "NEED a HOT DOG" jones for a couple of weeks so we headed out on different urban trails finally heading west to end up in Manitou Springs, CO. We stopped at the 8th. St. 7-11 and got a BIG BITE Hot Dog and what luck they were on sale for 2 for $3.00, what a deal!! We chowed down the dogs and then continued west on the Midland Trail over to the Creek Walk trail in Manitou Springs, ending at Schriever Park and took a nature break and ate a apple for desert! :) We took a couple of photo's of the new machines, (Giant Escape 3 Comfort and LIV Alight 3) and then headed back, added a bit of distance to get over to the Shooks Run Trail, heading north and back to the Apt. about 3 PM. 19 miles RT! Just so nice to ride in shorts and jersey and not be chilled, wish it would stay but here in So. Colorado it can SNOW all the way to Memorial Day so we have to get in a RIDE anytime we can!!:)

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

March 28, 2021-Heading out to the Homestead Trail, heading east off the Cottonwood Creek Trail junction

 Got another really nice day to ride so we headed out to see if they'd actually done any of the new concrete they said was done for the Homestead Trail. We rode the Pikes Peak Greenway over to the Cottonwood Creek Trail, stopped at the Cottonwoood Regional Park for our brown bag lunch. Got to the CCT and Homestead Trail junction which heads east, the last time we were on this it was rough and cracked old asphalt and just about beat us to death!!! Hoping they'd fixed this we took the trail for a few miles but alas, no joy, it's still the same old rough surface as last time, at least in this section of the trail! :( So it's possible that the "new concrete" is more toward the start of the Homestead Trail heading WEST that's across town, bummer! Oh well it was 60 F, sunny with a steady breeze so a good day to ride! The other bonus is that Jo got to get in her first, Real Ride on her new LIVE Alight 3 Hybrid and she's pretty happy with it over the Electra Townie 21d, that just never fit her quite right! :) 22 miles RT so that put us at 44 miles for the weekend, excellent!! :) Here is a Video of the ride!

Saturday, March 27, 2021

March 27, 2021-We ride in the "Walk, Run and Roll for Daniel", Children's Hospital Charity Ride/Walk/Run Event

 We try to make this event every year but it was cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19 virus but was in full swing for 2021! It starts at 9AM with a 8 AM packet pick up time and it was CHILLY, 30 F with a constant breeze, BURR!!! We got our T-shirts and walked around the expo/registration area that had a few vendors till the start time. Got lined up and headed out with about 60 riders, the RIDE was 15 K round trip heading out via back streets, bike lanes and urban trails over to the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort/Hotel for hot chicken biscuits from Chick-Fil-A then turned around and headed back to the expo area for door prize drawings. The M/C was Daniel himself  not quite a teen ager he has had 6 brain operations and has become a "Ambassador" for the local Children's Hospital here in Co. Springs, CO. Always smiling and happy kinda kid!! The goal was $2000 and we raised $3500 and all the proceeds go to the hospital. It was a great way to start 2021 on a for once, POSITIVE deed!  Looking forward to next years event! Here is a short video of the ride:

Monday, March 22, 2021

March 20, 2021- BJ's first ride on the new Giant Escape 3 Comfort and picking up Jo's new LIV Alight 3!!

 I actually picked up my new Giant Escape 3 on March 17, 2021 from Old Town Bikes here in Co. Springs but it was late in the day so no ride, Thurs. was WINDY and Chilly and Fri. we had 1000 things to do! So finally on Saturday 20, 2021 I got to get in my first ride on the new hybrid machine. We did a roundabout route of the area as we were waiting to hear if Jo's new LIV Alight 3, that was being built up out of the box at Ted's Bicycles here in Co. Springs, would be able to get it finished today, Sat's. are very busy days at our local bike shops since Covid-19 came in and bike sales have gone thru the roof!! Ok, yes we bought at TWO different bike shops, well Old Town had the one I wanted but we'd have to wait as long as a YEAR to get the bike Jo wanted!! :( Ted's had the bike Jo wanted but NOT the bike I wanted so that's why, TWO different shops this time! :)

We had a beautiful day to ride, 60 F, sunny with a slight wind so we enjoyed being out, it's gona take bit of riding to get my 65 year old body use to riding a standard DF style bike since I've been on a RANS crank forward bike and recumbent trikes before that!! Still I like the quick feel of the bike and the fast rolling 700C tires!! We finished the ride and ended up at Ted's Bicycles to see if Jo's bike might be ready and it was almost so we had them add some changes and accessories and I rode back to apt. to get the truck to load up here Electra Townie so she could at least ride the new back back to the apt.! :) So we now both have our new machines and LOL, of course Sunday came in with GRAY, COLD and spitting rain turning to SNOW, arrugh Spring in Southern Colorado can be a PIA! 


Monday, March 15, 2021

March 15, 2021-From the DEEP FREEZ to a 3 day BLIZZARD, March is not being kind to us that like to RIDE!! :(

 Well so far it's been weird, March came in like a LAMB this year which is rare to begin with, then the DEEP FREEZE that gripped most of the country and a couple of sweet 60 F and sunny days, then WHAM, 3 days of BLIZZARDS here in Colorado, YIKES!! :O We live in Central Colorado Springs, in what is called the "Old North End", back in the Gold Mine days, this was called Millionaire Road! Yes, there's still late 1800 to early 1900 Mansion's owned and lived in just down the block from us on Wood Ave. Oh what about us, LOL, we live in a 1970's apartment building at the END of Wood Ave and Van Buren St., I guess we are what you call the GETTO element of the area, LOL! ;)

We moved here because it's 100 Ft. from the N/S entry to the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail System, the main N/S urban trail thru the City of Colorado Springs, CO. For bicycle riders and walkers it's a great place to be! :) What has this to do with bicycling you ask, well this "update" is about WHY we are again changing the style of bicycles we ride! We've owned LOTS of different bikes over the years, sometimes we switch types of bike just to try something "different", other times, it's due strictly to "Circumstances", this upcoming change is one of the latter!

Back in 2018 we wanted to try out "Recumbent Trikes", we were "sharing" a house with a garage, Jo my wife was employed full time making a semi-decent wage so we went and bought the trikes!

  We really ENJOYED having trikes, being 65 and no more worries of  "balance", etc. so we were going to be TRIKE riders for the foreseeable future! Oops, circumstances beyond our control forced us to move in Feb. 2020. Well Jo had a heart attack a year earlier in 2019 and decided to retire in Dec. 2019 so we now are living only on our meager Social Security Retirement Income, which is a LOT less than her full time job!!!! We could ONLY afford a apartment here in Co. Springs as the area was experiencing HUGE growth and affordable housing especially for SENIORS is almost impossible to find!!! We finally found this tiny one bedroom apt. that's barely affordable but could only get a "2nd. floor", alas "Beggars can't be Choosers" as the saying goes! :(  We tried for several months to haul the trikes up and down stairs and thru "too small" doorways, that got to be a RPIA for this old man!! SO we decided to "switch" to bicycles, "Much easier"!! 

   Well, I (BJ) thought we should try "Crank Forward" style bikes as Jo is VERY Short legged and a crank forward bike is "suppose" to let you put your FEET FLAT on the ground at at stop, (remember balance?) LOL, well Jo is still "to short legged" to put her feet flat down when on the seat and it's causing her to "over streach" which causes pain and even I am having "problems" with the "crank forward" style machine, (gives me a ACHE in the middle of my back). So we are now looking into different machines. We've decided on a new version of the Fitness Bike, this one combine's the "adjustability" of our prior "Comfort Bikes"

and our Fitness Bikes we rode in 2012:

 These new type of Hybrid machines are by Giant Bicycles: They have the adjustable "stem's" and suspension shock seat of the "comfort bicycles" but the sporty stance of the "fitness bikes"! They use a wider more comfort tire like the Comfort Bikes but have all the added fittings for fenders, racks, etc. of the comfort bikes so there you go, the next NEW machines for BJ and Jo Ondo! :) Sadly, we like everyone else these days have to put them on order and WAIT till they come in at our local Giant Dealership, (Old Town Bicycles) here in Co. Springs, oh well something to look forward to this SUMMER! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

March 9, 2021- The LAST nice day ride!!

 Monday was warmish but totally cloudy and windy so we walked instead of riding bikes but Tuesday was warmer with partly sunny skies so we figure it's the LAST nice day for a bike ride for probably the next 5 days as a Low Pressure Front is heading to NM. and it will bring cold and more winds a with the possible upslope winds we might get our first really DEEP snow, RATS!! 66 F, partly sunny and breezy but it was still a nice day, we headed into Manitou Springs, actually riding all the way into the downtown area itself for short walk thru! We found a little park with a empty picnic table for our brown bag lunch.

Headed over to 25th. street to re-pick up the Midland Trail over to a back street in Manitou Springs to head downtown as the trail is blocked off at Beeker's Lane due to intersection reconstruction! Did our little bit of walk thru the downtown a lot of traffic for a Tuesday afternoon but it was right a lunch time for a lot of folks! Got back on "Lover's Lane" (yes, that's the name of the street!!) and headed back the same way except we stopped at the Colorado Springs Bike Shop to use the rest rooms and check out a "top tube" bag for a bit for packing abilities on my bike! From there the Walnut St. bike lane over to the Palmer-Mesa Greenway to the Pikes Peak Greenway over the Popcycle Bridge back to the apartment for the day!! 19+ miles RT. From here the weather is going "down hill" and we will be "stuck" on the stationary cycle trainer, ARRUGH!!!! :( Here is a Relive Video Tracing our route:


Monday, March 8, 2021

March 6 & 7, 2021-Two great days of rides, a rare sight in March in Southern Colorado!!

 We have been really lucky to get 4 days of riding weather so far in March here in Colorado Springs, CO. as March is considered our "2nd. Snowiest Month" of the year on a normal basis. Usually if it's not snowing, it's gray and COLD. We've had 4 days in the 60 F temps and got a weekend with two days in a row!! We got out and about on the bicycles both days, it sucks to be poor but it's GREAT to be retired when the good day come along in the winter months! Here's a couple of You Tube Videos of our rides, enjoy! 

IF and only if we get the stimulus checks they talk about we are looking into getting "different bikes"! Jo's Townie is just a bit to "tall" for her and so far, even though I've changed seats, set the nose height up and down several different places I keep getting a "ache in the middle of my back"? So I guess the "crank forward" bike don't work well for us after all, RATS!! :( We are looking at Giant bikes that are a neat "cross" between a fitness and a comfort bike, the problem is that they are NOT in stock so who knows when we can actually do the change over. For now we will pay for the bikes and then WAIT till they can be built up and delivered! Such is life of a bicycle rider in the years of Covid-19 virus! :( Looks like we can get in one more day on Tuesday this week, then the SNOW is coming back BIG TIME for Fri-Sun, BUMMER, oh well just got "RIDE" when the sun shines! :) 

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

March 2, 2021- A ride with a mission but the mission got changed!!

 Well we got a beautiful day for a late winter day's ride in today. We decided to head out and see if they'd ever got the "new concrete" on the Homestead Trail headed east. So we headed north on the Pikes Peak Greenway heading north up to the Cottonwood trail heading east of the Greenway it's had sections that were totally worn out asphalt and lot's of grass/weeds growing in the cracks, etc. We rode first up to the Cottonwood Regional Park and had our brown bag lunch. Re-joining the Cottonwood Trail over to the junction with the Homestead Trail. Started heading and all the sudden my front derailleur just quit working?? I worked on trying to adjust the derailleur but to know avail, I couldn't get the unit to pull off the BIG Chain wheel so I did a manual adjust so I could use the "middle chain wheel". We decided to turn around and head for Angletech and have Kirk take a look. We headed now west on the Cottonwood Creek Trail back to the Greenway and picked up the Sinton Trail up to the bike shop. We got there and Kirk found the front derailleur "spring" had snapped!! So he dug around and found a replacement and fix the front derailleur. :) It was after 2 PM. so we headed back to the apartment. 23 miles on a 60 F and sunny day, except for the breakdown it was great! 

 Here is a Relive Video tracing our route for the ride: 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

February 23, 2021- FINALLY a nice day for a RIDE after a week + of the DEEP FREEZE!!

It sure was nice to get a Teasing of Springs on Tue. the 23rd. we got in a nice 16 mile ride, mostly using bike lanes through out the city to ride up to the Starsmoor Center at the base of North Cheyenne Canyon and had to take off "layers" along the way!! Sunny, warm, just slight breeze, man, after the week long DEEP FREEZE this month it felt so good to get Out and About on the Bicycles again!

Here's our YouTube video of the ride, enjoy!!  

Alas, it's quickly gone, Weds. is partly sunny and very WINDY, only in the 30 F's and they predict SNOW by this evening clear thru Thurs. morning, 3-6 inches and cold for most of the next few days again, Spring in So. Colorado is still 30-40 days away, ARRUGH!! :(

Sunday, February 14, 2021

February 14, 2021- Arrugh, we are banished to the Cycle Trainer due to the Artic COLD Front! :(


Well we've been in the DEEP FREEZE for 3 days and here in Co. Springs, CO. it's a balmy -5 F degrees and lightly snowing outside. :( It's been like this for several days and although I appreciate having a "in-home" cycle trainer but enough is enough!! LOL, well it's not stopping and looks like it will be Fri./Sat. next week before it MIGHT be decent enough out there to ride the bicycles! :( I know there's a LOT of us riders who are in the same boat with the current weather. We celebrated Valentines Day back on Friday 12, Feb. as it was a COLD but still partly sunny day. So we are treating today likes it's any other Sunday. I've done my AM. round on the trainer, with a set of warm up and streach exercises and lite workout with 5 lbs. dumbbells' after that. Here's a photo of my lovely wife of 40 years, JoLynn working away on the trainer, thank goodness for those folks in warmer climates that create YouTube bike ride videos!!! ;) 

If your stuck in this mess, you have our sympathy, here's hoping we all get a bit of decent weather by the end of next week so we can all be "Out and About on the Bicycles"! :) 

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

February 9, 2021-A very CHILLY Ride!!

JoLynn wasn't up to a ride so I headed out on my own, it was sunny and COLD, 25 F at the start but was "supposed" to warm up to 42 F, which it NEVER did! Even with a skull cap on it I was having a very cold forehead and could feel the chill in the air. Headed west on the Sinton trail then south on the Foothills trail up to the "31st. Overlook to take some photos of the Fusion!

Headed back down the street to get back on the Foothills trail and head over to the 31st. street bike lane to the Westside of town and a Wendy's for a small bowl of hot chili!! :) 

From there headed to the Midland trail back into down town, picked up a side street or two heading to the Colorado Springs Bike Shop to take to Rocky, the head tech about a different set of shifters for the bike. The clouds came in on the way home up the Pine St. trail and the final mile on the Pikes Peak Greenway to our Apt. The high never even got to freezing, only 31 degrees but still an enjoyable ride! Sadly the weather says we are heading into Deep Freeze from artic air for the next several days so I'll be stuck on the cycle trainer! :( Here is a Relive video tracing the ride: 

Sunday, February 7, 2021

February 7, 2021-"THAR SHE BLOWS", that's what the WIND was doing to us on this ride!!

With Jo being a type II diabetic it's recommend that she has very little pasta in her diet as it has a LOT of carbs! So we don't normally make it for our meals but we both have had a CRAVING for some pasta so we decided to stop at our favorite place, call Panino's in down town Co. Springs. So we took the LONG way and headed out east first on the Templeton Gap Trail. There's on area where the trail goes LOW just a couple of feet above the drainage system heading N & S thru Colorado Springs. 

 At the north/south drain junction it was a LARGE sheet of ICE so we walked the bikes very slowly, (thank goodness for MTB style bike shoes!), over the ice and restarted the ride heading north. Decided that we didn't want to cross the ice on the way back so we headed up to Academy Blvd. and rode the sidewalk (hardly used by Peds!), over to Meadow Lake bike lane to Austin Bluffs, then took the other leg of the T-Gap trail back, 

Then down to pick up the side street over to the Templeton Gap Road bike over to Corona St. Bike Blvd. and over to the Willamette Ave. bike lane to the restaurant. BUMMER it was closed due to the Super Bowl, ARRUGH! :( We headed to a different Italian place and it didn't open till 4 PM. Ok, last resort we headed over the Pikes Peak Ave. bike lane to down town and the Red Gravy on Tejon St., YEA they are open! :) We had a Lunch special of salad and fettucine alfredo! It was a bit rich but tasted great!  Now it's been pretty windy for the ride BUT as we headed over the Cimarron St. bridge it was at full gale force!! I could just barely get up to the top in my lowest gear! Poor Jo got blown sideways a foot+ then the direction changed to a headwind and she was stopped dead in her tracks, had to walk the bike to the top to head down and join me!! :O We then headed north on the Walnut St. bike lane over to the Palmer/Mesa Greenway and had to fight the WIND all the way home, man are we worn out!! Still it was 50 F and sunny so it was worth "fighting the wind" and we got in around 20 miles RT for the day! Here is a Relive route tracing video of the ride!