Tuesday, October 26, 2021

LOL, looks like I'm behind the 8 ball again, here's some updates!

A Video from Oct. 9th. were I rode the Garden of the Gods "Motorless Morning" Ride! They shut down the roads thru the park for bicycles, walkers, roller skaters, (NO skate boards) so you can enjoy the park "CAR FREE"!  

Well we've been doing a lot of "utility runs" as we don't own a car, needed food and got our Covid 19 Moderna Booster shots, etc. Sadly we will probably not be able to add many videos as we had to cancel our xfinity internet due to the rising cost! :( I just don't know if they will be able to be added directly to this Blog Page?? We've been really lucky the weather has been really great thru most of October!!! So I'm just going to put up some photo's and maybe the last video I was able to upload to YouTube! We did do the last series of ADA Tour de Cure Virtual Rides for 2021, the last one was for the Desert Southwest area last weekend! We sure HOPE to be able to do a LIVE version of the ADA Tour de Cure-Rocky Mountains in 2022 but who knows with this !@#$% virus that just won't seem to die off! :( Enjoy! :)


Monday, October 11, 2021

October 2nd. and 7th., 2021- Catching up with the blog with a couple of videos!

 Yikes, I've gotten behind on the blog badly, we've had some really excellent fall weather and so we got in some rides on area urban trail and bike lanes!! Nothing really different so I'll just post the video's we took, enjoy the vid's and thanks for checking out the blog, it's really appreciated, sadly the weather is heading down hill this coming week, might even get our first lite snow fall of the year on Thursday morning, ARRUGH!!! Only good thing is we just got a new "recumbent style" exercise bike so we can keep up what we've gained and hope for some clear sunny but now chilly days to get in the miles! BJ's goal was 1500 miles from Jan 1st. to Dec. 31st. and he's got right at 1400 miles now! :)

Oct. 2nd. Ride:

Oct. 7th. Ride:

Hope your Fall rides are still going strong, enjoy them as old man WINTER is breathing down our necks, BURRRRRR! :(

October 9th., 2021-A EXTREEMLY WINDY Ride for the last "Motorless Morning" at the Garden of the Gods Park in 2021!!! :O

 3 times a summer, the Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs, CO. shut's off the roads to all "CAR" traffic and has "Motorless Mornings" from 5 AM to 12 Noon!! This was the last one for 2021 and WOW it was really WINDY and we got sprinkled on as we rode from the apartment to the GoG Park. The Sun came out but the WIND was really ripping! Made it tough to keep the bicycle going "straight" to film the video so pls. forgive the extra side to side movement!! :( It was a fun ride and the VIEWS are FANTASTIC, if your ever coming to visit, check the city website for the dates and BRING YOUR BICYCLE!! :) Here is the video of the Ride! 19 miles RT, totally tired out at the end! :)

Monday, September 27, 2021

September 2021 Rides-More of the Sept. rides

 On September 18th. we rode in the 2021 Virtual ADA Tour de Cure-NATIONWIDE event! Jo had set a aggressive goal of 30 miles for the days ride and we decided to do it different by making it mostly a "road ride" instead of our normal mix of urban and rail trails!! We headed out south to ride what we knew growing up as "Old Bradley Road". Due to the influx of population growth, we found out it was now "Goldfield Drive". The road itself is a nice old 2 lane with great views of the Big Johnson Reservoir, we stopped at the Bluestem Prairie Open Space to take a break. It's a loooong up hill grade to Fountaine Blvd. where we leave the open road and head back into the town of Fountain. We stopped at Culver's and had a really excellent fish sandwich and unsweet Iced Tea!!  From there we headed south to another old back road over to Widefield, thru Security to pick up Hwy. 85/87 to Las Vegas St. and then picked up the Pikes Peak Greenway back to the apartment! YEA we got in our 30 miles for the day so the goal was accomplished. Excellent weather, great ride good food, Excellent!! :)

Sunday September 26th. we headed out for a mellow days ride in fantastic late summer/early fall weather 80 F and sunny!! Just one of our normal rides over to Manitou Springs. Started by using the Weber St. bike lanes thru downtown to pick up the Midland Trail over to Manitou and the Creek Walk Trail to the swimming pool park, found a table in the shade and ate our brown bag lunch!! Then headed back, changing to the Mesa Greenway back to the Pikes Peak Greenway over the Popcycle Bridge and back to the apartment. 16 miles RT. Really enjoyed the days ride and the last few warm days of 2021! Not looking forward to the coming winter months! :(

Monday, September 6, 2021

September 6, 2021 LABOR DAY-We rode to the Colorado Springs CO Balloon Lift Off Festival at Memorial Park!

 We headed to the Labor Day "Colorado Springs, CO. Labor Day Balloon Festival at Memorial Park at 6AM. today, "it was dark" too see the Balloon Launch at 7AM, (yes, that's morning)! Sadly there was a video camera malfunction for the whole 15 minute ride to the park so NO VIDEO of the actual ride, BUMMER!

🙁 This event is 3 days long Sat, Sun, Mon of Labor Day weekend every year, we had 75 balloons fill the skies in 3 waves this year with the first day, "basket dunk" just touching the waters of Prospect Lake in the park! Man it was so PACKED with people, YES we were wearing masks and staying in the more open area's when possible. The video is short but it makes the point of the days ride. Headed back down town for a breakfast at the "Corner Cafe" for the 1st. time, their "breakfast sandwich" was great! Then on a beautiful morning headed to Manitou Springs via the Midland Trail taking a break at Schhryver Park then headed home before the days high temps set in, 90 F+ for todays high!! Fun ride and event a great way to end the Labor Day Weekend last Summer Holiday! 🙂 Short You Tube Video:

Sunday, August 29, 2021

August 28, 2001-JoLynn's ADA Tour de Cure-Rocky Mountains Event Ride Report!!

We got up at 6 AM. and did our warm up and stretch exercises, had a cup of hot green tea with lemon, dressed for the ride, packed the bikes and headed out the door by 7 AM. We decided to check out the newly painted "Bike Lane" on Weber St. into downtown Co. Springs. Heading out to the Corner Cafe downtown to get a good breakfast and RATS, we got there and found out they are CLOSED on Saturday's, ARRUGH!! :( Headed over to America the Beautiful Park to pick up the Midland Trail heading west. Stopped at two more cafes but one was not open yet and the other one had no place to park and lock up our bikes so we headed to Mc Donald's off of 31st. and remembered they had a Taco Bell decided to give their Breakfast Burrito's at try! Drat, they we not opening till 10 AM. due to a employee weekly meeting so we went to Mickey D's and got a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit only to find out we'd have to eat out in the parking lot as the lobby was still closed due to Covid requirements!!!! :( Oh well the biscuit was quite good, the day was sunny and not windy! :)

We headed for the Swimming Pool Park in Manitou Springs, found out they have FINALLY finished the make over for the trail section off of street beginning with B so we could ride the whole trail back without using the "detour" on the back road! Stopped so Jo could eat a good Fuji Apple in the shade and take a break. We headed back on the Midland Trail to the Palmer-Mesa Greenway and thought about heading to the "Crit Cafe" at the Criterium Bike Shop on the Pikes Peak Greenway. As the day was getting close to 11 AM. the heat came on quick and it went up to 90 F so we cut the ride short and headed to the Tasty Freeze Drive Inn a few blocks from the apartment. Great hot dog with grilled bun and unsweet iced tea, filled the water bottles with more ice and headed south on the Shooks Run Trail to Fontenero St. Bike Lane back to Wood Ave. then back to the apartment and the Air Conditioning, it felt good!! 20 miles round trip for ride mileage, 90 F Sunny, little breeze but Jo was pumped to actually get in the "Virtual" ride in the books so she "earned" her first ADA Tour de Cure Jersey she got to wear on the ride!!

She raised $230.00 in donations but her GOAL was $500 so she's hoping to work up to that  total GOAL before the next event ride: The ADA Tour de Cure-NATIONWIDE Event Ride on September 18th. 2021. She has set her mileage goal as 30 miles round trip ride! So pls. if you can send a donation in ANY amount to her ADA Personal Donations Page if you can, it's very, very appreciated!!! :) (link below)

 Link for Jo's ADA Personal Tour de Cure Donations Page for the Nationwide Event: 

Here is a short video of the Sept. 28th. ride Tour de Cure-Rocky Mountains: 

Friday, August 27, 2021

It's been a Loooooong two months, July/August have been the PITTS!!! :(

Well, Jo had her 2nd. heart attack on July 27th. and then just when we thought things would settle down, WHAM!!! on August 17th. She started throwing up and it was continuous for the 2 hrs. I was riding to Silver Key to get our August Supplemental Senior FOOD Allotment!  I got home to her looking like death warmed over and called 911 for an ambulance as we have NO CAR for transport to the Emergency Room!!! :( After a 3 day hospital stay they STILL don't know for SURE what caused the reaction but we feel it came on fast after she starting taking a "full dose" of a NEW Diabetic Medication she was started on!!!! :(

So for the 2nd. time in 2 months. Jo is back to "LEVEL ZERO" for her training rides for the ADA Tour de Cure-Rocky Mountains Event Ride on the 28th. of August! :( We've just had a little over a week to start her back with a few very easy miles on the trike. Alas the 62 mile (Metric Century) we'd planned to rider for the event is totally "Out The Window", we are now set to do a 10 to 15 miles local area ride for the "Virtual Event Ride" maybe we can get in a bit more miles per day in mid September when they have the ADA Tour de Cure-National Virtual Event Ride"!! :) We done a couple of rides using a "LOT" of stops and lot's of "shade breaks" to let her rest up but we will just have to see. Pls. wish her the best, she did get enough "Donations" to get the level 1 official ADA Tour de Cure Jersey and T-shirt but not the $500 in donations she needed for the fancier Level 2 donations Jersey she'd hoped for! :( Oh well maybe NEXT year as she's now a "Official RED RIDER", YEA!!! Report coming soon! :) 

We did a charity event ride called Burger Madness and added a bit of ride which is the video above, here's a couple of photos from the event ride too! 

Saturday, August 7, 2021

August 6, 2021-Got to ride with a new recumbent friend, we went to check out how to access the "SKY Bridge" with recumbents!

 I Got to meet a new fellow recumbent rider, (Alyn, rides a very nice Greenspeed trike!), we met and headed to the Olympic and Paralympic Museum in Co. Springs, CO. to see how to get up to the "Sky Bridge" from the America the Beautiful park! LOL, they have these "rails" up the stairs to push a bike up the very STEEP set of stairs to the Sky Bridge. I tried but the rails, they don't work well for my recumbent bicycle so we checked out the elevator and found it will fit both a trike and compact long wheel base recumbent bicycle to get up to the bridge level! It's the best way to go! Next we rode the bridge back to the front of the Museum, then headed back north to do lunch at the "Crit Cafe" next to Criterium Bicycle Shop on the Pikes Peak Greenway! :) Here's a video with the Relive Mapping of the ride!

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

July 27, 2021 "SHE'S BACK"!! :)

 Good news, Jo's been told by the heart doctors that she's able to start riding her recumbent trike as of the 27th. We needed to get FOOD so we rode the recumbents, pulling the utility trailer to a Neighborhood Market Store (a small Wal-Mart food store) and got our food and supplies for the up coming week! We shop from Weds. to Weds. as we get our SS Retirement checks on the 2nd. Weds. of the month.  It's mostly flat although there is a steep up hill grade on the way back but she did GREAT. We rode EASY and the round trip was only 5 miles so it was a good 1st. ride back from the "heart attack" she had last month. She belongs to a Facebook group called "Recumbent Ladies" and they just had a members T-shirt so we ordered her one and it came yesterday so she got to model it on the trike! :) 

She's got a appointment with Angletech our local recumbent dealer here in Colorado Springs to have a 13x42 8 speed rear cassette installed to make it easier to "climb hills" and up hill grades!! Sadly we can't afford a Efneo Internal Gear Drive, ($5-600 dollars) so she could go from a 8 speed to a 24 speed, maybe some time in the future but the new cassette will be a large help from the trikes STOCK 11x30 8 speed cassette!!  It's kind hilly to get up to the shop via the Sinton Trail so we will be taking it SLOWLY to get her there and I'm spending bucks we don't have but I'm taking her to lunch while they work on the trike!! 

After the up hill incline we stopped in the shade for a drink and breather so I took the photos of my bike and trailer set up, "The RIG", LOL. It's sooooo good to see her back on the trike and smiling!! She's starting to slowly gain distance so she can ride the 2021 VITURAL ADA Tour de Cure-Rocky Mountains on August 28th. She's more than 1/2 way to her goal of $500 in donations for this event, which being a Type II diabetic that RIDES she fully supports. Hope your getting in some great rides this summer! :) 

Sunday, July 25, 2021

2021-25-21 A bit of a wander here and there type of ride!!

Well Saturday was a ugly gray and chilly day but Sunday dawned with sunshine and since Jo still can't get out for a ride till the 27th. I again headed out by myself and since she's NOT a early riser I was off and riding by 7:30 AM! It's so nice, cooler and wow you could tell it's Sunday as I had the trails mostly to myself! Headed out riding the T-Gap trail which has a real steep incline heading up to Nevada Ave. 

 From there taking the trail up to the Austin Bluffs underpass and over the bridge to pick up a back road and sidewalk back to Templeton Gap Rd and the bike lane over to Nancy Lewis Park, stopped for break and a Fiber One chewy bar!

From the park I just kinda wandered where ever I pointed the front wheel! ;) A run down Shooks Run trail thru the back streets of down town Co. Springs over to the Midland Trail, then over to the Walnut St. bike lane for a stop a nice little coffee shop for some unsweet iced tea. Ate my PB and sugar free Jelly sandwich and Fuji apple, then headed for the Palmer-Mesa Greenway to pick up the Pikes Peak Greenway heading up to Criterium Bicycles. Stopped in to fill up my water bottle, bought a inexpensive tail light for my utility trailer, then was heading home but it was just "too nice" to head back yet so I headed up the the Nevada St. path up to the Vincent St. bridge, a quick connector on Cottonwood Creek Trail back to the PP Greenway heading south to actually head for home this time. 3 hrs. 29 miles fantastic weather, the perfect day to RIDE!! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2021

"CAR FREE" alas, we are now back to that status in our Retirement Lives! :(

 July 20, 2021: Well our 30 year old Ford Ranger Truck, bit the dust hard, both transmission, engine problems and a broken steering column, have sealed the final fate of "Old Blue". It's been towed off the scrap yard, the repairs would be THOUSANDS of dollars for a truck worth $500-1000 dollars at the most so fair well old friend, hate to see it go out this way but it gave it's all for me, no complaints! :)

So in our life, we were "Car Free" for about 10 years before Jo's heart attack in Jan. 2019, I bought Old Blue from my brother, it was his junk hauling and errand running truck We used it big time for the 1st. year after her heart attack it was on the go constantly!!! About 2 weeks ago it gave up the ghost so now we are again, "Car Free" as now both being retired on our meager Social Security Retirement Income we "CAN NOT" afford even a older used car or truck!  So I pulled the "utility trailer" I built up years ago out of storage, did some maintance and it's now back to full time usage as the "FOOD hauler and larger items pick up"!! :)  I call my bike, (R.E.D. Retired, Extremely Dangerous, like it's owner, LOL), but it's the RIG with the trailer attached! ;)

Back in a earlier blog post,  I sold my Giant Escape 3 Hybrid to get a bike that was more comfortable and "compatible" with Jo's Terra Trike Rover Recumbent Trike and it's 20 inch wheel's. So I now ride a 2007 SUN EZ-1 SX recumbent bicycle!! It's a good trailer tugger and quite comfortable to ride! :) It pulls well with 25 to 30 lbs. of food or even more weight with heavier items. R.E.D. has a tiny 16 in. wheel in front and a 20 inch wheel in back, the trailer is both 20 inch wheels, it's a old Burley Kiddie Trailer I converted to do utility work and both the bike, the trike and the trailer are "garaged" in the front room of our 1 bedroom apartment! ;) 

So the "bikes" are now our main mode of transportation so it's gona be FUN this winter have to get food on the warmer days during the week, that's a one good thing about being  retried, I can get out and about on the recumbent when the weather is GOOD! :) That's all for now, hope you all are getting in some great rides, ENJOY, the summer is going WAYYYYY to fast! ;) 

Sunday, July 11, 2021

7-11-21 Missing Jo, can't wait till she's over her heart rehab limitations, still headed out for a solo ride to Cottonwood Park in Co. Spgs. CO.

 Well Jo is still not able to ride her trike so I headed out solo and decided to head to Cottonwood Park via the Pikes Peak Greenway and the Cottonwood Creek Trail. Sunny, hot at 85 F+ sunny but quite a bit of "smoke" in the air from forest fires here in CO. and other close States! Headed out the Greenway, not much trail traffic headed up to Criterium Bicycles to get a different helmet mirror as the one I bought just isn't working well! Alas, I arrived a 9AM and they didn't open till 10 so I continued and picked up the Cottonwood Creek Trail heading east to the park to eat my brown bag lunch! Thought about doing the rest of the CCT heading north east from the park but it's so barren, no parks, no stores, etc. decided to just turn around and head west back to the PPGW over to the Palmer-Mesa Greenway to it's end heading north, then headed back to the apt. 20 miles, the ride their is uphill grade but it's FUN coming back to the West!! Still can't wait till Jo can start riding her trike again, it get's lonely eating by yourself!!

Monday, July 5, 2021

July 4, 2021 A Independence Day Ride

 Well sadly Jo isn't medically cleared yet to ride her trike so she headed out for a walk as I headed out on a ride!  Decided it was time to see how the "new to me" SUN EZ-1 SX recumbent bicycle did on some of the steeper uphill graded area's of the Sinton and Foothills trails here in Co. Springs. Was pleased I didn't have to drop into my "low gear" to make the inclines and headed west on Sinton trail but ran into a detour at Chestnut St. were the have closed the trail, arrugh. Got stuck riding a degraded sidewalk all the way to Garden of the Gods Road, (north), then west on GoG Rd. over to 30th. st. to a loaf & jug store. Wanted some Gatoraid ZERO but rats, I forgot my wallet, bummer! I headed south on the Foothills trail and headed over to see if the "visitor center" at the Garden of the Gods was open and it was. Got my water bottle filled and a nature break, then headed again south on the Foothills till I picked up the 31st. St. bike lane over to the Midland Trail. Headed west over to the skateboard park in Manitou Springs and found a shady spot with a open table to eat my brown bag lunch!!

Man, I must be getting OLD, I also forgot my PB and sugar free jelly sandwich!!!! :O Oh well I had a chewy bar, apple and some baked pea crisps so that staved off the hunger pangs! ;) Headed back via the Midland trail and the Palmer-Mesa Greenway to the apt. 17 miles, HOT and SUNNY with just a bit of breeze. A couple of hours after I got back, we fired up the grill, (LOL, just a little George Forman indoor grill) to grill the Nathan's hot dogs, along with potato salad, coleslaw, fruit cocktail for our "Independence Day" feast! Then "carb smart" ice cream and sugar free strawberry syrup and tuned into the Fireworks from NY. on the TV, a excellent "Independence Day" for sure, hope yours was enjoyable too!  Here is a video of my ride: 

Thursday, July 1, 2021

July 2021 We both went back to riding RECUMBENTS! :)

Hello All, we've had some real situations come up in our lives lately!! Jo had 3 different "fade out" spells while riding her "bicycle" we thought it was just "heat and all her meds she takes for heart and diabetes"! Well the last fade out resulted in "1 broken and 2 cracked RIBS", the bicycle is fine, it was protected by her body, OUCH! :( She decided she needed to go back to a "recumbent trike" so we spent the last of our emergency money and found her a used, 2016 Terra Trike Rover X8 trike. The surprises weren't done yet, at the hospital for the rib injury they did a test found a heart enzyme in her blood stream (not supposed to be there), which meant she actually had 3 "very minor Heart Attacks"!!!! :O Due to a very small artery that is at the top of your heart that was totally clogged up! :( So she's out of the hospital and doing her heart recovery sadly starting again at Level ZERO. She can't do anything for a week, then short flat land walks for the next week with more and longer walks as the month goes on.

It will be 4 to 6 weeks till she can "ride" her recumbent trike again! :(  Well, we'd been on one ride after she got her trike before the hospital visit and I decided that the "bicycle" I had wasn't compatible for riding together (the bike has much larger tires and it's much faster when it cruises), so I have SOLD both her bicycle and my bicycle and I found a great deal on a 2007 SUN (Sunseeker) EZ-1 SX recumbent bicycle, which is MUCH more compatible speed wise with Jo's TRIKE! :) So we are now back to riding recumbents and I changed the name of the blog to "Out and About on the Recumbents"! Here's a couple of photos of our "new to us" recumbents. 


Thursday, June 24, 2021

June 20 & 23, 2021

June 20: 20.30 miles RT and nice ride on a very HOT day, lot's of days at 90F + during June, much hotter than normal for So. CO. A fathers day ride we dubbed the "Search for FREE chicken", LOL! ;) Had a by one get one free Carl's Jr. sandwich so we tried out there new chicken and it was really GOOD!

June 23: Due to JoLynn being both a Type II diabetic and having prior heart disease, she has to take medications for both and sometimes, they don't work well with each other, especially as the temps start climbing up and it get's hot outdoors!! This can cause her blood pressure and blood sugar levels to drop "too low" and she can get DIZZY! She got her bicycle in March and it seemed like things were working well but as of June and 90 F temps, she's had three, "all most dropping the bike" situations! She decided to go back to riding a "3 wheel recumbent TRIKE and sell the bicycle. So this was the first RIDE on her new to her Terratrike Rover X8 Trike. We kept the pace mellow so she get use to the trike as it rides different and uses different muscle groups than a normal bicycle!! She's enjoying the trike and the SMILE is back on her face! Come along for the RIDE! :) Here is a video of Jo's first ride on her new to her TRIKE!! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2021

6-5-21-The Beards', Bonnet's and Bikes Event Ride

 We live and ride mostly around the city and out lying area's of Colorado Springs, CO. 2021 is the 150th. Birthday of Colorado Springs and there are several area "events" coming up to celebrate! We joined one today, called the: Beard's, Bonnet's & Bikes Ride, with the Mayor and his wife doing the ride lead, while the ride itself is sponsored by "KIDS on Bikes" a local advocacy group for getting KIDS on bikes here! Jo whipped up a "home made" Bonnet to go over her helmet and got a "interview" and quick blurb on the Channel 13 local news show today!! The ride was around the Legacy Loop a not yet finished "trail around the city", envisioned Gen. William J. Palmer, the founder of the city of Colorado Springs. A stop at the Popcycle Bridge for what else Popsicles (sadly Jo and I couldn't eat any as she's a type II diabetic), but the kids on the ride love them, along with a lot of the adults as the temps got close to 90 F for the ride!! Only did 10 miles for the day but it was FUN to be involved in a local area celebration event!!

🙂 Here's a Video of the Ride: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMiLfkUSCxY