Friday, August 19, 2022

August 17, 18, 2022-Burger Bash Event and Food-Lunch ride

 On August 17th. we rode to the Annual Burger Bash put on by the Bank of Colorado as a fund raiser for the United Way, here in Colorado Springs. It's a downtown bank and In & Out Burger brings in their "semi-truck" sized Food Trailer to serve up free burgers. Ok, they do ask for a donation to United Way, which seems fair! 10:30-3:00 with DJ and a couple of vendor booths plus the United Way tent. We meet up with Larry and Rodger from the Pikes Peak Region Recumbent Trike & Bike Network, based here in Co. Springs and is a Facebook Group for recumbent riders. Had a great chat, a good burger!

After that we just went out for a ride to enjoy the rest of a more mellow day as the temps only made it up to 76 F that day, instead of the usual 90 F it's been! :) We did a run up the PPGW, stopped at Panera Bread for unsweetened iced tea and ate our homemade trail mix snack. Then over to Cottonwood Creek Trail to the Vincent Street Bridge up to take Dublin/Nevada Ave. south in a loop back to the PPGW. Getting late so we headed home from there. Nice day, good meet up with friends, great Ride!! 19 miles. Here's a Video:

On August 18th, we started out with a weekly Food Run over to the Neighborhood Market Place Store for food and supplies, pulling the cargo trailer. Rode back to home, put away the cold foods and the trailer then headed out for a Lunch Ride! Headed East on the Fontanero St. bike lane over to the Shooks Run Trail, heading southeast, stopped at the Good Neighbor Meeting House for unsweet iced tea and ate our brown bag lunch. Headed more south on the Shooks Run Trail to Fountain Blvd. Headed into the southern part of Co. Springs via back streets over to America the Beautiful Park, downtown. Stopped and took a couple of photos:

From here we headed south a short jaunt on the Midland Trail up to the Walnut St. bike lane over to the Mesa Springs Greenway to the PPGW, then over the Popcycle Bridge back to the apartment. 86 F sunny with a few puffy white clouds. 17 miles. Thanks for coming along! :)

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