Sunday, June 23, 2019

Just Happy to get in a RIDE!

We've just been dodging RAIN every weekend for the last month or so but today it broke long enough for us to get in 13.5 miles on the tandem trike! It started out sunny but all the time the darkish clouds were coming over Pikes Peak while we rode! Changed our normal "local area ride" a bit to add some more HILLS and had a good time. Stopped for lunch at a Jack In The Box and got a very good grilled chicken salad, then decided not to tempt fate any longer and headed back to the storage area! It was just GREAT to get the tandem trike out for a RIDE!! :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

"New to me", Bike-E Recumbent Bikes

Well the deal is done, we are now owners of two used Bike E recumbent bicycles. :) Mine is the RX model, which is a 27 speed with a Mid-drive set up, in the day it was their "Go Fast Model". JoLynn's is a AT, it has rear "air suspension" shock it is a 21 speed, with a 7 speed rear cluster and a 3 speed rear internal hub set up. NOTE* Well, since JoLynn's heart attack back in Jan. she's healed well BUT she seems to have LOST a lot of her ability to "BALANCE" a bicycle. She's decided to only ride on our Recumbent Trike Tandem! I will see if our daughter, Jenn might want the Bike-E AT model, if not I will just sell it!

My Bike E (RX) is mainly for just  kick'in around rides when JoLynn's at work or doing something else and we can't be on the Terra Trike Rover  TANDEM, which is still our "Main Ride"!! I bought these for EXCELLENT price, especially for "two machines" from a fellow recumbent rider on Cannondale "full suspension" bike, in Denver.  Looking forward to the first ride soon! :)

Bike E RX model stats:
BikeE RX Features

2001 Specifications
Riding Style:
High Performance Road

50" (132cm) std., 54" (142cm) XL
67" (170cm) std., 71" (180cm) XL
Seat Height:
26-27" (66cm)
Custom extruded aluminum mainframe
Powder-coated rigid cromoly fork
Two frame sizes: standard for riders to 6'3", extra long (XL) for riders up to 6'9" and heavier riders over 6'1". The XL frame is ideal for average height riders wishing more rear frame carrying capacity or room for a frame-mounted rack.
Interchangeable Handlebar with Laid-Back Top Loading Stem and Carbon Extension Tube
16x1.5(38-305mm), 20x1.75(42-406mm) Alex aluminum double-walled with machined sidewall (front/rear)
Tires (front/rear)
Front -16x1.95(38-305mm) Maxxis Hookworm Rear 20x1.95(42-406mm) Maxxis Hookworm

Rear - Sram ESP 7.0, Front - Shimano LX
Sram ESP 7.0 Half-Pipe
Custom BikeE crank with 30T chainring with mid-drive assembly
9 spd. - 11-30T
Gear Range:
19-109 gear inches

Aheadset OS
Sram 7.0
BikeE Sweet Seat

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

FRRTBG Loop Ride

On Sunday, June 2 we lead a group ride on a loop ride, LOL! ;) We started on the Pikes Peak Greenway, then headed west on the Midland, north on the 31st. St. bike Lane to the Foothills, then headed south on the Sinton Trails! 17 miles RT, Sunny a quite warm till the rain came in on the last leg of the ride! We meet a couple we haven't got to ride with, Will & Vicky, great folks with some sweet ICE trikes! Enjoyed the days ride and the company, here's a couple of photos and a link to my You Tube Page for a 2 hr. video we shot from the tandem. :)
Heading west on the Midland Trail and the clouds started building!

Will & Vicky! :)
FRRTBG Loop Ride June 2nd. 2019  Here's the link for the video, ENJOY!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Sold my "single" recumbent trike

Just a note, I've sold my TT Tour II, recumbent trike to my brother Bob's boss, Ernie as JoLynn and I have decided to just ride the TT Rover Recumbent Tandem Trike together. It was a excellent machine and I hope Ernie will enjoy it as much as I did! I've decided to look into finding a "cheap as possible", used recumbent BIKE to use as JoLynn is still "working" full time till Jan. 2020 when she's going to "retire" and go on her "earned" Social Security Retirement. This way I can still get in some "miles" during the week and the type of recumbent bike I want is a "compact-long wheelbase" version which is usually the "entry level" bike in the recumbent world. So I'm now looking at the different "used list's" and websites. I not in a hurry so I'll find the one I want and at a really good bargin. :) Here's an example, we owned these Sun EZ-1 SX's back in 2011.
In 2011 we bought matching Sun EZ-1 SX recumbent bikes

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Glenwood Canyon Bike Trail, May 26th. 2019

We went to Glenwood Springs, CO. and rode the Glenwood Canyon Bike Trail on May 26th. 2019 the last time we rode this trail was 14 years ago in 2005 on our old Fuji Monterey 3.0 Comfort bicycles!
We now ride our recumbent trike tandem and found the ride just a beautiful and fun but a bit harder as we've hit 60+, yep slower but still worth the effort! The trail rides mostly right next to the Colorado River and the water was flowing hard and awesome looking. It's 16 miles one way since we rode a part of the Rio Grande Trail to get to the start of the GWCBT we ended up with 38.5 miles for the day, our longest ride on the recumbent tandem trike so far!! :) Here's some photos, Enjoy!

End of the trail, Noooooooo! 

and a short 14 min. video of the ride: Glenwood Canyon Bike Trail, May 26th. 2019