Monday, February 26, 2018

Riding the local area, looking for HILLS! ;)

Finally, a warm day, yea still very WINDY but at 50F and Sunny, it was time to ride!! Decided to stay close but I rode a lot of HILLS, to see how my limited low gearing would fare. Not too bad but I'll be adding a Patterson 2-speed drive when I can to get both more low gears (easy climbing) and High gears too, (Faster on flat land and down hill). Stopped at a park in Security where I live and took a couple of photos of the trike! 13 miles total, it felt great to RIDE!! :)

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Put a used TT Cruiser Recumbent Trike on layaway for the Wife! :)

We went to check out getting my wife a TT Rover entry level trike and instead put a "used" TT Cruiser Trike on Layaway for her! It looks like this:
It's a 24 speed, with in-direct steering and was the same price as the 8 speed TT Rover (New) so it will make it a lot easier for her to get up the local hills in and around Colorado Springs than on the 8 speed Rover! Even used, it's a step up for the basic Rover trike. We have to wait for a "Small Boom" as it came stock with a "Large Boom" and JoLynn only has a 37 X-seam, lucky for us Terra Trike had some in stock and will be shipping it with-in a weeks time! Hopefully we will have our State Income Tax Refund back by then and we can get her on her Trike by March 15th.!!! :) LOL, we will now both be "Bent", it's a recumbent riders inside joke! :) Can't wait to see her on her trike and head off into the sunset together! :)

Friday, February 16, 2018

Got in a local area ride!

Managed to get in a 13 mile, local area (Security/Widefield, CO.) ride on Thursday, on Weds. we had 60+ mph winds and stuff was flying everywhere so even with a 65F temp it wasn't SAFE to ride!! There's several small hills, lots of flats in my area so I just headed down back streets I haven't bothered with in YEARS! Still getting use to the TIRKE, it's not as fast as my DF comfort bicycle but I do enjoy the "laid-back" ride of this Recumbent Trike!  Had a bit of wind here and there but it was 55F and Sunny while I was out so it felt good to ride!  I'm still working up my recumbent legs with only 7 speeds it's going to take a while, LOL!! I hope to get the funds to put on a Patterson 2-speed drive unit soon as it will double my gears and make them lower for easier pedaling up some of the BIG hills here and throughout Colorado Springs!!  Today is Friday, 2" of fresh SNOW and a bit of ice so no riding today maybe by Sunday! :)

Monday, February 12, 2018

New Trike, of course it decides to SNOW!!

We've had a real dry winter here in Colorado Springs so far this year, I got the money to trade the bicycle for a Recumbent Trike, get in a couple of rides and WHAM, we get our first snow (4 inches), now there's still snow and ice on the roads as the sunshine has just started to shine at 1:41 PM. on Monday! Oh well, I guess you should never buy a new bike or trike or heck even a motorcycle in January, LOL! ;)

Suppose to be better by the weekend so "MAYBE" I can get out and try to develop my "Recumbent Legs" more! The R-Trike uses different muscle groups than a standard bicycle so I'm VERY slow at the moment but I'll get there when the roads clear and the sunshines! :)  We got hit really hard by the IRS for taxes this year so it's going to take a bit longer to get my wife on a Trike, RATS!! :( Hopefully I can find a used one and give her my Sunseeker Eco-Tad SX Trike, can't wait to get us both, "BENT", LOL, just a bit of a joke as "bent" is a shorten term for "recumbent"! :)  I hope your able to ride wherever you are, Spring is a ways out for us in Southern Colorado!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Upgrading to "Clip-in" Pedals for the first time!

Now that I ride a trike, I've decided to try, "Clip-in pedals", put on Crank Brothers Candy 1's, also called Egg beaters. It really helps keep a smooth cadence which is a real help on a recumbent trike! Also it get's rid of the chance of "Pedal Suck" which can damage your ankle and leg very badly! Here's a link: Crank Brothers Candy 1 clip-in pedals  LOL, I was always to "CHICKEN" to try clip-in pedals on a 2-wheel bicycle, at least now I don't have to worry about "falling" at stop signs! :)