Monday, December 29, 2014

Got in a few miles, fighting a COLD wind on Sunday!

Well winter and the Holiday's have conspired to mostly keep us off the bicycles, we can't afford the "gore-tex" type riding gear so we are limted to max cold riding of, 30 degrees F and SUNNY! We did get out last Sunday for a short rail trail ride but had to ride in a VERY chilly, slightly gusty cold WIND to even get them in!!  Sadly, the weather is going downhill from here. Today, blowing snow and teens, tonight 8, below zero and tommorw a sizzling 7 degrees F for a daytime high! ARRUGH!! At this rate were going to have to find a used exersize bicycle or a trainer and get our riding fix indoors! :(  Oh well hopefully it will turn better sometime in Jan. we here on the So. CO. plains get lucky now and then and can ride even in the winter.  Just wish it didn't take the local rail-trails so long to MELT off the ice and snow! Hope your getting out! :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Midland Trail

Here's a bit of a photo esay of one of the local Rail-Trails, here in Colorado Springs, CO. It's called the Midland Trail, it starts in America The Beautifual Park, located in downtown Colorado Springs, CO. off our Colorado Ave. and Chymino Road. You start out crossing over a bridge over Fountain Creek and head west by 8th. St. and continue to 21st. St., then you have to do a jog up to the next left off of 21st. street and head to 25th. St., take a left and go down to where the road starts to curve and you'll see the Midland Trail sign. This goes by a creek and under 26th. St. and continues to 31st. St. You cross with the light to continue to Ridge Road. At the trail stop sign turn left and heading west on Colorado Ave. you will see a sign to continue the trail to where it hooks up and becomes, The Creekside Trail heading into Manitou Springs. The cement surface ends at the park with the Manitou Swimming Pool. If you want it continues although it's now a dirt surface to hook up to a back road into Manitou and Veterans Park. I usually only go to the Swimming Pool and then turn around to head back. Here's a few photos:
This is the bridge out of Americal The Beautiful Park, head west to access the Trail!
Manitou Springs Swimming Pool Park
One of many little bridges from 26th. to 31st. Street along the Midland Trail
My bike, 1993 Mongoose Switchback Ridged MTB, just past 26th. Street.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Were back in the saddle again!

Hello, this is our new Bicycle Blog, we were without bicycles for almost 2 years as we had to sell off our bicycles to get a down payment for our 2014 H-D 883 XL883L Sportster Super Low motorcycle. This is our re-start as we've picked up a couple of used "ridged" MTB's from the 1990's and are using them as "Rail Trail" bikes to ride all the local area rail trails here in Colorado Springs, CO. :)
We've owned bicycles on and off since we were kids, We seriously started riding a lot in 1982 with the purchase of touring bicycles and joining the Strada Bicycling Club. I had a upgrade to a Univega 18 speed Specialisima and in 1985 bought my fist MTB, a Raleigh Mt. Crestted Butte. We had a long period without bicycles, then in 1995 we bought Fuji comfort bikes, traded for Jamis MTB's, then different hybrids, Sun Recumbents and even a Trek recreational Tandem! We are now on used MTB's. I currently ride a 1993 Mongoose Switchback and Jo rides a 1994 Nishiki Bravo A.

My Son Steven, with our MTB's back in 1985 after a race out of Ft. Collins, CO.
Our Trek Recretional Tandem

Jo and I on the Glennwood Springs Bike Trail in 1995
Jo and her Jamis MTB
Our Sun EZ-1 Recumbents