Wednesday, December 15, 2021

December 14, 2021-The "take a hike" ride, LOL! ;)

 Jo had a heart doctor's appointment at 11:30 AM. on the 14th. so she told me to "go take a hike", LOL, I decided to take a RIDE instead! ;) I headed south then west on different bike lanes here in Co. Springs with the goal of heading up to the "Starsmoor Center Cabin" in North Cheyenne Canyon. Stopped at the Sacread Grounds Coffee Shop and stopped in to eat my brown bag lunch and get a glass of unsweet iced tea. Bought a Latte for a lady solder getting ready to go back to work at Ft. Carson! Headed up the canyon to the center, alas it's closed due to the major road construction heading up to Helen Hunt Falls up the canyon.

Decided to head back to town and thru America the Beautiful Park to the cargo elevator that takes you up to the Sky Bridge at the Olympic & Paralympic Museum downtown. Took a couple of photos and one at the USA sign outside. I then rode over to the bike lane on Pikes Peak Ave. to pick up the Shooks Run Trail heading north and back home. 16 miles total, it started out WINDY and gray but about 11:30 it cleared out and was sunny and warmish for the rest of the ride. A very enjoyable ride but I did miss my favorite riding buddy, Jo! 

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