Wednesday, December 29, 2021

December 28, 2021- Got the GOAL miles in before the end of the year and the ugly weather to come!


As per the last post we both needed only 10 miles to break 1800 for me and 1500 miles for Jo for 2021. Well the temps have taken a dive and the winds are now brisk and CHILLY! Still the day dawned sunny and would very slowly work it way up to 40 F so we headed out late morning to "get them miles" in. We need to do a Food Run on Weds., Thurs. is suppose to have HIGH WINDS and Fri.-Sun. well a Artic front is coming in with possible SNOW so it was kinda "now or never" for us! 

We headed out to ride one of our favorite trails, started south on the Palmer-Mesa Greenway to the Spruce St. bike lane over to the Midland Trail heading to Manitou Springs. Wow, should have worn the full fleece jacket instead of just the lighter fleece vest's! Oh well we endured the chill and stopped for our usual, brown bag lunch at the swimming pool park. One great thing about Mantiou Springs, they keep the rest rooms in the parks open ALL YEAR (Hey Colorado Springs are you listing??) and at this park they have electric hand dryers so we used them to warm up the "fingers" and pulled out the heavy winter gloves for the ride home! LOL, I tell ya, that wind direction changed to a headwind no matter which way we rode and it got stronger towards home. 

Still "goal accomplished" and whatever few miles we get before New Year's Eve will just be icing on the cake as they say!! Hoping for a WARM 2022 but it's starting off REALLY COLD! RATS! Happy New Year's to all from us! BJ and Jo :)