Sunday, December 26, 2021

Accomplishing a GOAL for the YEAR!

 Well the year 2021 in all it's insanity is coming to a close very soon! Jo and I have been very lucky with the weather from October to December this year! I should be able to break 1800 miles for the year and Jo should break 1500 miles for the year, not bad since she had a 2nd. Heart Attack back in June and another hospital stay for a wicked reaction to a "Diabetes Medication Change" back in August!!

We plan on getting the last "10 miles of rides" we need, tomorrow Dec. 27th. The "fly in the ointment" is that we've got possible VERY HIGH WINDS (possible gusts up to 80 mph. by afternoon) so if we can get out a bit early, even if it's pretty COLD in the early mornings this time a year in So. Colorado we can both make our mileage goals! If not then we will do our best to get it at the upcoming, Thursday or Friday! The also over 100 days of bike/trike rides for the year! Why do we miss so many days, well we also do a LOT of WALKING so we have to share the days!  

We will report back if the goal get's accomplished by the end of 2021, we want you to have a Very Happy NEW YEAR'S and the BEST year of your lives in 2022! RIDE as much as possible but ENJOY the rides you do! BJ and Jo Ondo :) 

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