Sunday, November 7, 2021

November 6th., 2021- A ride to the "Veteran's Parade" here in Colorado Springs, CO, then a bit more in the excellent late fall weather

 Well November started out wet a cold for 3 days, then it got much better for the last 3 days! Here in Co. Springs, there's a very good Veteran's Parade on the Saturday before actual Veteran's Day, every year, (except 2020 due to the pandemic!), we headed out at 9 AM. in sunshine and high 30 F temps. to ride to down town to find a place on the sidewalk to see the parade. We found a spot with a bike rack in the middle and just enough room for my bike and Jo's trike on each side! :) The parade theme was, "The Greatest Generation" celebrating WWII and we even had a real WWII Vet in a willy's military style jeep as Grand Marshal! We really enjoy the bands (I did marching band in HS in the early 1970's, yes I and OLD, LOL), lot's of young folks in a area high schools Jr. ROTC programs we marching along with troops from Fort Carson Army Post and their Band too!! A few floats, lot's of VFW, American Legion, etc. groups and related Motorcycle factions. I, (BJ) am a Viet-Nam ERA vet (USAF) so I really like to support the parade. LOL, I even got to be "interviewed" for a 15 sec. spot in the local Channel 11 (KKTV) News at 5:30 PM about why I support the parade so now I have my "15 seconds of FAME", LOL! ;) 

Sadly we had to give up our too expensive for our budget higher speed internet and my phone mobile data based internet is TOO SLOW to load the video I took of the parade and our ride afterwards. I hope to be able to take the laptop to the library and use their internet and get the last two video's loaded up to You Tube real soon! Jo didn't take any photo's and I was too busy with the video so you'll have to wait to see if I can get the parade/ride video upload and added to this blog post, thanks! Have a excellent Thanksgiving Holiday! :)

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  1. Edit your videos to three minutes. Less is often better. Pick the best spots. When I make a video I usually have an hour of clips end very seldom let my final cut be more than three and a half minutes.