Sunday, December 5, 2021

December 4, 2021-We rode the "Chasing Santa 15K Bike Ride and Event

 Jo and I have wanted to ride in the yearly, Chasing Santa 15K Bike Ride, held ever December to support "Christmas Unlimited" (Toys for poor kids) but it's quite expensive at $40 EACH!! Well due to a minor problem at a ALS support event back in March, the organization that runs that ride/race event also does Chasing Santa and they gave us a FREE entry to the December event!!!! YA! :) So we headed over to the Fontenaro St. trail head for the start, 9AM and it was cold, not even 30 F yet but not to bad in the sun! We picked up our "FULL" Santa Claus Suits and put them on and got ready for the start. The ride goes to the turn around point at the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort in Manitou Springs, they served up mini waffles and hot coco or coffee. Then we headed back to the Start/Finish area for the drawings, they had a few odd vendors of bike and running related items on hand too. We didn't win anything which is normal, LOL! Here is a "very short" video of the START of the Ride! 

Here are a few photos of the start/finish area of us in our costumes. :)


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