Monday, October 11, 2021

October 2nd. and 7th., 2021- Catching up with the blog with a couple of videos!

 Yikes, I've gotten behind on the blog badly, we've had some really excellent fall weather and so we got in some rides on area urban trail and bike lanes!! Nothing really different so I'll just post the video's we took, enjoy the vid's and thanks for checking out the blog, it's really appreciated, sadly the weather is heading down hill this coming week, might even get our first lite snow fall of the year on Thursday morning, ARRUGH!!! Only good thing is we just got a new "recumbent style" exercise bike so we can keep up what we've gained and hope for some clear sunny but now chilly days to get in the miles! BJ's goal was 1500 miles from Jan 1st. to Dec. 31st. and he's got right at 1400 miles now! :)

Oct. 2nd. Ride:

Oct. 7th. Ride:

Hope your Fall rides are still going strong, enjoy them as old man WINTER is breathing down our necks, BURRRRRR! :(

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