Sunday, November 21, 2021

More November Rides- Nov. 19-20-21 local rides and lot's of "transportation/food runs"

 Well it's heading to winter, had some rain and crud and yet some really nice days to, it's the "bi-polar" weather season here in So. Colorado! So it's the time of year for "short" rides as it takes a while to warm up to our minimum ride temp, 35 F and SUNNY, if it's 35 F and cloudy we don't ride, we stay inside and ride our recumbent exercise bike! Which will make it hard to do the weekly FOOD runs we do with bike/trike and utility trailer! :( As stated we've had some nice days so we get in rides when we can! :) Later start and having to get back before DARK to beat the cold. So it's local area rail trails, bike lanes, LOL, not just too different from normal, ;) Here's a photo of our ride on the 20th.

Ah one of the late fall days that was really nice to ride! Pikes Peak and local mountains in the background! :)


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