Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Riding the Rock Island Trail, July 22, 2020

We rode the Rock Island Trail to it's end at Powers Blvd. some day it will go either under or over Powers which is a 6 lane major arterial road so it won't be CHEAP and there's no current planning stage for it to continue east to join the Falcon Trail heading out of Colorado Springs to the Eastern Plains. We turned around and rode back to Old Templeton Gap Rd. and it's bike lanes over to Nancy Lewis Park for our brown bag lunch! A mostly cloudy day but HOT, 95 F. After lunch we rode the back streets to pick up the Templeton Gap Trail back over to the Pikes Peak Greenway and the storage unit. Tomorrow I start taking the accessories off my current Terra Trike Traveler so I can have the shop switch the e-assist system to my new Greenspeed GT20-RS trike!! Hopefully it will be finished by closing time on Saturday the 25th. so I can get in my first ride on Sunday, with my wife JoLynn! 

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