Saturday, July 18, 2020

Recumbent Wanderings, July 16, 2020 Riding a portion of the Cherry Creek Trail, Parker, Colorado

July 16th., We packed up the old Ford Ranger with the trikes and headed north up Hwy. 83 to S. Parker, CO. and the McCabe Trailhead to ride a 15+mile long section of the Cherry Creek Trail from the trailhead up to the Cherry Creek Reservoir. It's a older concrete trail (ie: not 12 ft. wide), but a nice one with lot's of terrain changes and excellent restroom/porta-potty stops along the way. it was a Sunny AM and Cloudy PM with 85 F temps and the usual Monsoon rain clouds building slowly over the mountains. It was a enjoyable ride, 31.2 miles RT and yes, we did get sprinkled on as we put the trikes back in the truck for the ride back to Colorado Springs, where we got poured on for about 30 minutes! Got the trikes in the storage unit and went over to the Lucky Dragon for some YUM Chinese Take Out so all in all a excellent day!!  

Here's a link to a "short" version of the ride video, here's why! [This is the SHORT version of this video, had to shrink the size from 1080 p to 360 p so my very SLOW phone based internet can upload it to my You Tube Page. I'm using a FREE Video Compression program and it will only compress "1/3rd." of the video while using the FREE version of the program, sorry, thanks for watching, ENJOY!  

My wife JoLynn and her new Friend at the Lucky Dragon

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