Sunday, August 2, 2020

July 29, 2020, The first ride for BJ on his new Greenspeed GT20-RS, won as a the raffle prize for the Terra Trike RiderFest Virtual Ride Series!

Well, the day finally arrived, Angletech, our local recumbent dealer has been swamped between sales and service request due to the Covid-19 virus and folks wanting trikes for recreation to get "out side" after the Level 1 Stay at Home order lifted here in CO. The trike was shipped to them by Wiz Wheel's Inc. back on July 7th. but I couldn't get an appointment to have the trike built up and the E-assist system swapped from my old TT Traveler to the new GT20-RS till the 24th. 

Then it took a couple of days longer to get everything set up so on the 29th. I got to pick it up and take it for it's "Madden Voyage"!! By the time later in the day it was ready we only had time for a quick "test ride" so we headed south on the Sinton Trail over to the Pikes Peak Greenway and up to Criterium Bicycle Shop for a quick bite of lunch at the Crit Cafe, alas, they weren't open, RATS. So we ate a protein bar and headed back, JoLynn headed south to ride to the end of the Mesa/Pine St. Trail and I headed back up to Angletech to have Kirk, the main Tech. adjust and change a couple of things that weren't quite right.

 I then loaded the GS into the truck and headed back to our storage unit to put the trikes away. We spend the next day putting on all the rest of the "accessories"  on the GT20-RS so we'd be able to go for a longer ride on Saturday, the 1st. of August. I'm a very happy camper! :) PS: as soon as Angletech sells my TT Traveler (on consignment sale: under Experianced Rides, FYI, I will get the optional front fenders and to quote: "The Transformation will be complete"! ;)

Got all the accessories installed so it's RIDE READY!

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