Sunday, July 19, 2020

July 18th., 2020-Area Loop Ride around Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, CO.

Decided to head out to Manitou Springs via different area trails and bike lanes, on a Sunny and HOT day, 95+F, light breeze. Heading south on the Pikes Peak Greenway, hoping that the Running Event that was coming thru when we passed the trail on the way to the storage unit to get the trikes was "loong" gone and lucky for us it was! :) Over to the Pine St. Trail to America the Beautiful Park (down town) to head west on the Midland Trail although it's still not finished, they did finally install the rest of the sidewalk past Ridge Rd. so you can pick up the new underpass connection under Manitou Ave. so you don't have to fight traffic to get over to the Creekside Trail in Manitou Springs!!! :) Headed for the Swimming Pool Park to have out brown bag lunch.

A photo of JoLynn and the trikes

The Sunshine was really strong so I took a photo of both the duck pond and Cheyenne Creek that flows through the park on it's way to Fountain Creek in Colorado Springs. We enjoyed the views and the park. 

We headed back east on Midland, took the Greenway south to Tejon St. got on the bike lanes heading north, east on a back street over to pick up Shooks Run heading north. We were going to stop at the Tasty Freeze-Drive Inn but the dark clouds coming over the mountains we decided to head back to the storage unit, tucked the trikes away and walked back to the apartment. 20 miles RT. It's a ride we've done a thousand times but still enjoyable on a sweet summer day! :) 

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