Saturday, July 4, 2020

A "almost" ride with new friends

Friday July 3, 2020: A friend of our's has a loosely e-mail alert for trike riders around Co. Springs and a ride came up that we could hook up at a location on the way to a stop for lunch at our favorite little diner, the Tasty Freeze Drive Inn. We thought we'd be staging there with our friend Larry (rides a cool and FAST Greenspeed Aero trike}, so we arrived at the area at 9:30 AM. and waited, and waited and waited?? Finally we headed up the Cottonwood Creek Trail to see if we could catch them at the Vincent St. Tunnel but alas, still no group so we just headed back, picked up the Pikes Peak Greenway, then back streets over to Shooks Run Trail and arrived at the Tasty Freeze. LOL, we found the group at a table, (yes, 6 ft. between tables and we had on our mask's, did hand sanitizer, etc.). Well they were almost ready to leave and go back up north, Rodger bought our Lunch (great chicken strips and ice tea, YUM), and we talked and meet some new folks for about 10-15 mins. before they mounted up and headed out! 

We enjoyed our lunch, then headed south on Shooks Run and got to ride on the newly poured concrete sections a ways down the trail, SWEET, sure hope they finish the rest of the trail this summer as the old cracked asphalt surface is a bit rough on non-suspension trikes!! We headed down to pick up Fountain Blvd. and took back streets thru town over to Cascade St., then headed north on the Cascade St. bike lane heading north through down town Co. Spgs. and over to where we get off and head for Wood Ave. to work our way on more back streets to our storage unit to tuck away the trikes! 90F, HOT and Sunny day, 21 miles RT. Even with mask's it was really NICE to get to meet new folks again, it's been a long time of "riding alone" for us lately! :) (NOTE: The group was less than 10 people). BJ :)
New guy, JoLynn, Me, Will and Bill on the trike!

A nice shady spot at the meet up point!

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