Sunday, July 5, 2020

!@#$ happens but sometimes it's GREAT!! :)

This happened on Sunday June 28th., 2020:  I was bummed that Terra Trike RiderFest  was now being held at three different cities but not coming anywhere near Colorado. With a 27 year old Ford Ranger PU for our only transport and being on very fixed income, didn't look like I'd be able to participate at any of them. Then, due to the COVID-19 Virus,  it was changed to a "Virtual" TT RiderFest  I could get to finally participate! The one thing I was worried about is I didn't have a Smart Trainer, (if the weather was bad you could report your trainer ride!), just a recumbent exercise bike but since I could take a "snap shot" of my STRAVA  "manual input page" I went ahead and joined up to the Terra Trike Isolation Riders Site on STRAVA! 

I got lucky, all the dates turned out to be days I could RIDE my TT Traveler so even better. I'll totally admit, I wasn't even dreaming about WINNING, I just don't win things, the wife has now and then but not ME. Although I have ridden bicycles my whole life, I spent most of the last 40 years as a Motorcycle Tourist and bicycled now and then. Well motorcycling finally got so expensive we had to give it up and went to bicycles are our primary outdoor past time.  As we got into our 60's we started thinking about "step thru" bicycles as our balance isn't as good as it use to be! 

Then I found out about recumbents, we started out on SUN EZ-1- SX recumbent bicycles but they just didn't work well for JoLynn, we looked into trikes, sadly at that time we couldn't afford them! :( Then in 2018 we discovered our local recumbent dealer,  Angletech ( and went to check out the shop, found out they sold used trikes and had a layaway program. So I put down money on a used SUN EZ-Tad -SX and finally got a trike, 

then my wife JoLynn wanted one so we set up a layaway for her on a used Terra Trike Cruiser and we both were now riding recumbent trikes!

 We love riding trikes together, so much easier and comfortable than standard bicycles! I upgraded to a used 2011 Terra Trike Tour II. 

 In Jan. 2019,  JoLynn had a heart attack and a slow recovery,  we sold both trikes and bought a used Terra Trike Rover TANDEM. 

It was a blast and it let her slowly build her fitness level back to where she felt strong enough to get back on her own trike.  We decided folding trikes might be a good idea, that's how I ended up on the used 2014 TT Traveler. 

Then we had low level (350 W, 36 V rear wheel hub motor) E-assist set up's installed. We figured at 65 these were our FOREVER Trikes! I've know a couple of riders who had Greenspeed Trikes and they have some really excellently thought out features but alas I could never afford such a higher end machine! Well Wheel Wiz/Terra Trike, Inc. took over Greenspeed Trikes, Inc.  just before the last Vitural TT RiderFest  Series Ride, on June 27th. 2020  They decided they would include Greenspeed Trikes in the drawing for the prize and I thought how cool it would be to WIN a trike like that!! I looked at all the models and the GT20-RS, just touched all the buttons on what I would want in a trike, although the new Terra Trike GT-S came in a VERY close 2nd. place but I really prefer "in-direct steering",  I'd have been in heaven with either! 

Watching The Laid Back Bike Report, I'm a big fan of their show,  I had a question on the steering of my TT Traveler the Q & A session with Marshal and JC from Terra Trike Marketing.  I then waited to see if anyone I follow on STRAVA would win the trike! When JC called out my name, I was STUNNED into silence, my wife asked me, What's Wrong, I just barely got out, I WON and did a bit of a "happy dance", then decided I'd go for a Greenspeed GT20-RS,  if it was available as a prize trike! :) So I'm awaiting the news the trike has been shipped to Angletech here in Colorado Springs, CO. for assembly and "swapping" over of the E-assist system from the TT Traveler to the new BLUE Greenspeed GT20-RS, can't wait to take it for a RIDE! 

Added note: Well it finally arrived at Angletech, ( on July 7th. and we will do the swap over of the E-assist system and accessories on July 24th.  Going to be a looooong two weeks but so worth it in the end! :) 

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