Sunday, July 12, 2020

July 11, 2020-Loop Ride (or a try to find shade ride!) ;)

It was already in the 90 F+ by the time we got the trikes set up and took off on a ride, we decided to do a loop ride on trails that at least have some shade! We headed north on the PP Greenway then west on the Sinton Trail up the junction with the Foothills Trail, which travels by the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center and the entryway into the GoG itself. We then picked up the 31st. Street Bike Lane to the junction to the Midland Trail and headed east to America The Beautiful Park, down town. Colorado Ave. bike lane to the Cascade bike lane north and the Pikes Peak Ave. bike lane to the junction for the Shooks Run Trail heading north. A HOT ride with almost no breeze and lot's of SUN!! We did have a brown bag lunch stop at Vermijo Park and then when down town we stopped for a quick pop in to McDonalds for Iced Tea!!!!!
Headed back to the storage unit via back streets, tucked in the trikes and walked back to the apartment. 18 miles RT and we'd have gone a bit more but the HEAT was starting to beat on these 65 year old Seniors!! 

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